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UPDATE x1: Dunkin now says he’s likely to vote with Madigan this week


UPDATE Saturday 3:42 PM: Rep. Dunkin tells FOX 32's Mike Flannery he's always been pro-union, and that he will very likely support an effort in the Illinois House this week that's been reintroduced that would weaken Governor Rauner's power in public sector negotiations.

CHICAGO – As former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar likes to say, "In Illinois politics is a blood sport," and House Speaker Mike Madigan and the 42nd Ward Democrats are beating up State Rep. Ken Dunkin, who is paying a price for defying Speaker Madigan by missing a couple of crucial votes in the 2015 legislative session. 

Dunkin, whose re-election is being challenged in the March 15th primary by Democrat Juliana Stratton, is instead being backed by groups that support Governor Rauner's Turnaround Agenda. Illinois Opportunity Project boasted sending Dunkin $500,000 two weeks ago. Rauner's representatives are encouraging pro-Agenda groups to financially support Dunkin, too.

The mailer shown above hit mailboxes this week in Dunkin's district, claiming the Chicago representative has a criminal record for which he supposedly served jail time for domestic abuse. Along with what appears to be a mug shot from 20 years ago, the mailer also says Dunkin failed to pay child support.

"Criminal convictions? Unpaid child support? Jail sentences?" the mailer concludes. "We deserve a State Representative who shares our values. On March 15th, let's elect Democrat Juliana Stratton." 


  1. Msdigan & Company were perfectly fine with Dunkin’s candidacy until he switched sides on particular votes. Now, Dunkin is a pariah unfit to hold office.
    It is also interesting that the deadbeat dad allegations have been rebutted by the mother of Dunkin’s child who says that he is a good parent and that he pays child support regularly and on time.

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