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Tuesday, June 6, 2023




State Senator Sam McCann has kept fairly quiet while the Illinois Opportunity Project is spending hundreds of thousands on ads attacking his vote on SB 1277. 

I thank you for your support. Unfortunately, we live in an America where these Chicago power brokers,band their kind, who are financing my opponent's campaign with nearly 100% elitist dark money, can say anything about me because they know I don't have the money to fight them in court. So, they go unchecked.

I have to believe that the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves knowing that this has gone from being a Republic form of government that is supposed to be Of, By and For the People and been turned into an absolute plutocratic oligarchy controlled by the wealthiest for the wealthiest.

These wealthy power brokers aren't democrats or republicans, liberals or conservatives: they are manipulators whose only goals are to add to their own power and wealth.

To top it all: the "leaders" of both political parties have done a fine job of selling out the People. Too many modern-day politicians view themselves as elite aristocrats, not the public servants they are supposed to be.

So – it is up to us – We the People, to make this the America we want it to be.

And we can start by telling these Chicago fat cats that the 50th District is not for sale.

Thank you, again, for your friendship and support!!!


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