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Rhoads: Rubio Recovers in South Carolina Debate



By Mark Rhoads - Rubio

According a poll by CBS of debate watchers on Saturday night, and also another preference poll released on Sunday morning, Sen. Marco Rubio appears to have recovered some lost ground from his bad debate performance in New Hampshire on Feb. 6.

Donald Trump continues to lead big in several polls of South Carolina and nationally followed by Sen. Ted Cruz. But Rubio continues to place ahead of Gov. Bush, Gov. Kasich, and Dr. Ben Carson in picking up proportional delegates.

Dr. Carson will not qualify for the next CNN debate set for Houston, Texas on Feb. 25, so there will be no more than five candidates on stage next time, and perhaps even fewer. Since last September, the GOP debates have been more confusing because of so many candidates on stage at the same time and early under card debates.

But now the field is getting smaller with more time available per candidate and differences between candidates should clarify themselves which hopefully will result in better and more informative debates. 


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