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Skillicorn grabs “reformer” endorsements in 66th District House GOP primary



Allen_Skillicorn-12EAST DUNDEE – The 66th District House GOP primary is shaping up to be a tight four-way race, and Tuesday, one of the four competitors – Allen Skillicorn – announced five political figures from Illinois circles that are backing him in the March 15th GOP primary. 

The "reformers," as Skillicorn calls them, are State Representative Mark Batinick, State Representative Tom Morrison, State Senator Jim Oberweis, former State Senator Chris Lauzen, and former State Senator Steve Rauschenberger. 

“I have had the opportunity to work with these outstanding legislators for years,” Skillicorn said. “To receive the public endorsement of these leaders is humbling. For the past 10 years, I’ve just been doing what I felt compelled to do, expose corruption, make taxing bodies accountable, help conservative candidates, and fight for the people who couldn’t fight for themselves. All candidates, including myself, seeking the primary nomination are elected officials."

Skillicorn said in a statement that his past governing experiences line up with his campaign promises.

"Meeting minutes and public records show officials who are afraid to take a stand on issues like government consolidation, refusal to support Governor Rauner’s Turnaround agenda, increased government spending, and outright repeated tax hikes," he said.

Skillicorn says he lowered property taxes in East Dundee, made the town's books more transparent, and has a track record of positive reforms that he plans to continue in Springfield.

His current list of notable endorsements includes:

  • Tax Accountability
  • President Taxpayers United of America, Jim Tobin
  • Former US Senate Candidate Patrick Hughes
  • Former US Congressional Candidate Larry Kaifesh
  • Former US Congressional Candidate Mark Vargas
  • State Senator Jim Oberweis
  • Former State Senator Steve Rauschenberger
  • State Representative Tom Morrison
  • State Representative Mark Batinick
  • Former State Representative Candidate and Teacher Ramiro Juarez
  • Republican State Central Committeemen Stan Bond
  • Republican State Central Committeemen Ryan Higgins
  • Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen
  • Kane County Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell
  • Kane County Auditor Terry Hunt
  • Kane County Treasurer David Rickert
  • Kane County Board Member Kurt Kojzarek
  • Kane County Board Member Doug Scheflow
  • Elgin Community College Trustee Jeff Meyer
  • U46 School Board Trustee Cody Holt
  • Elgin City Councilman Toby Shaw

Skillicorn faces Paul Serwatka, Dan Wilbrandt and Carolyn Schofield in the March 15th Primary.

The 66th Legislative District represents areas in McHenry and Kane Counties, including Algonquin, Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, East Dundee, Elgin, Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Lakewood, Sleepy Hollow, and West Dundee.


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  1. Anyone Chris Lauzen endorses gets an automatic “No” vote from me. Has Lauzen finally gotten it over with and declared himself a Democrat yet? He’s sure packed Kane County Board committees with enough of them…

  2. When Chris Lauzen was in the state senate, he was one of the most conservative legislators. He told me that, in 2003, when the legislature passed a bill that allowed illegal aliens to attend state universities and pay in-state tuition, he was the only senator who voted against it.

  3. Chris’s Springfild political career is like an oil painting: Looks good at a distance.
    He once said “Politics is a dirty business.” His recent years as Kane Count Board Chairman sure proves it.

  4. 4 negative responses to good news for Allen within just a few hrs of one another & the posting of the article? Hmmm…something smells fishy fellas.
    Well, it looks like the spam-bot/doubt-spreaders are out in force. Pay no mind to the haters Allen…reformers tend to ruffle feathers.
    By contrast, what I see is a LOOOONG list of Quality Endorsements that would make anyone else in the race envious. And despite a couple detractions on people I don’t know, most of them are clearly consistent conservatives! Of particular note to me:
    ~Several people in the race were hotly pursuing Rep Tom Morrison, but he came in strong for Skillicorn.
    ~And a sitting State SENATOR (Oberweis)…he endorsed a primary candidate in the house race? That speaks volumes.
    ~And another current Rep Mark Batinick!?! My goodness!
    (Note: Most elected officials in the state legislature don’t generally get involved in a primary…they like to sit back & take in the gladiatorial spectacle. When the blood has been spilt, then they decide if/how they’ll lightly support whomever emerges from the primary as the (R) nominee. No matter what anyone says, these sitting Reps/Sen endorsements are HUUUUGE!)
    ~Not to mention the plethora of local sitting officials…
    Then you have the endorsement of life groups, tax accountability watchdogs, & the Trib!?! Plus Allen’s been fighting against Red-light cams, & giving back to the community in various local charities? C’mon you jokers…there’s no way to minimize that by dogging Lauzen or whomever else. Allen’s doing well because of his solid track record–the record is clear & hard to argue against. But hey, if you want to talk down one or two of his endorsements…well, whatever.
    Congrats Allen–you’ve worked hard for your people & I have no doubt you’ll represent well…provided the people get to the polls instead of sitting on their hands 😉

  5. well, it could be worse.
    Allen in Springfield will be just one more ineffective GOP legislator.
    If he was elected to the Kane County board he could be another of Lauzen’s minions and do REAL damage.