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IR Commenter Quote of the Week



Illinois Review loves our commenters, who add color and depth as they interpret and react to the news. Here's one we think deserves special attention.

On the proposal to mandate expanded taxpayer-funded contraception, commenter "Live Free or Die" wrote: 

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 2.56.36 PM


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  1. there’s a big difference in getting government assistance for ALL HEALTHCARE FOR THE FAMILY and having the government tell you what you can do the inside your body because of that.
    What would you say if the government decided you had too many children and you need a vasectomy. Government assistance means you would let the government open you up and operate on you? Why should a woman tolerate the government telling her what do with her body and how?
    Again lets put this on the table…. in your world if a woman has an abortion she goes to jail…. YES or NO?
    Why would any woman in their right mind support such policy? the answer is they don’t. The GOP has lost most of the woman vote. Because you can’t deny you want to incarcerate and punish woman who don’t believe like you do.
    You had such big issues Obamacare interfering in your lives… and here you advocating for government intrusion in the lives of people who don’t think like you do.
    That’s called hypocrisy. Another reason the GOP is in the toilet.
    ps… 41 GOP congress critters wrote letters supporting the pedophile Dennis Hastart. I guess pedophilia is ok if your are a Republican….
    so much hypocrisy is makes the head spin.