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Kass writes “Hastert deserves federal prison”




CHICAGO – Never a disappointment with the conclusions he draws, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass declares Friday that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert deserves no sympathy as he faces Judge Thomas Durkin for sentencing at the end of the month. 

Hastert has pled guilty to illegal money laundering, leaving four alleged sex abuse victims that will never see justification for the despicable acts Hastert committed on them while he was a high school coach in Yorkville. 

But besides that, the longest-serving House Speaker, did his best to overrule former Senator Peter Fitzgerald by stepping in to stop Fitzgerald from appointing a federal prosecutor that would focus on enforcing the law over favoring partisan cronies.

Kass reminds his readers:

Sen. Fitzgerald picked Patrick Fitzgerald (no relation) as the federal prosecutor in Chicago. The White House went along. The Combine lost. If you follow corruption in this corrupt state, you know the rest of the story.

Ryan was convicted. Blagojevich was convicted. Outfit bosses and City Hall payroll artists and hired truck scammers went away.

As payback, Hastert and the Illinois Republican Party refused to endorse Peter Fitzgerald, the incumbent Republican senator, for re-election.

Peter Fitzgerald was run out of politics. And a new fresh face, a Democrat, was elected senator from Illinois: Barack Obama.

Hastert wants probation. But he deserves federal prison.

The rest of Kass' column is HERE.


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  1. Abuse of any student in his high school is a despicable act as Kass writes. But it is not the same crime that Hastert was charged with which was false statements to federal agents and violation of currency regulations. Those are the only crimes that the judge may consider in the sentencing phase. While he committed crimes, Hastert was also the victim of a crime called blackmail but I don’t think any prosecutor has even investigated that crime and it should be.

  2. I agree with the comments made be Mark Rhoads, but something has happened to John S. Kass. He used to write commentaries that I enjoyed reading so very much. Now most turn me off at first glance. His commentaries have taken on the nature of the Tribune in lacking much to say of any substance. My copy of the Tribune is read in less than 10 minutes as a recognized organ of the Left. Where to go for the news: Drudge Report and Hannity are my favorites. Megan Kelly is completely off my radar as an emasculating woman who has no place on Fox.

  3. Nancy its not a Megan Kelly’s job to make losers feel like real men.
    Join the 20th century fossil.
    The irony here is this pedophile loser claimed moral superiority to a straight man who had consensual sex with an adult.
    The irony here is that I can bet you soup to nuts that his fellow Republicans knew his amoral appetite and said nothing. How many interns?
    The irony is how the GOP claims moral superiority and time and time again they show themselves just the opposite.

  4. What in the world is an “emasculating woman”? Asking Donald Trump to defend his disgusting statements about women and their appearances was wrong? I’m 100% behind Megyn Kelly – she had the guts to ask the questions that demanded answers.
    Trump is used to weak women that he can win with his small hands and deep pockets. What a sad commentary on the women of today. So pathetic.

  5. Laura, Nancy does not approve of you She’s from the 18th century apparently and wants you to go back to the kitchen barefoot and please you man..
    She also thinks people like you a woman … should be quiet and just vote the way your man does. Like the bible says. NOT

  6. Haha, no really –
    Actually I am a Bible believer, and the New Testament clearly indicates that men and women are equal before the Lord. Only in marriage is there accountability between the two sexes – something which has to be in any functional organization.
    Megyn Kelly did her job to challenge Trump’s disrespect for women. Nancy really should Google Howard Stern and Donald Trump and be a big girl and watch the interviews. Then come on Illinois Review and tell us how wonderful Trump is.
    Bill Clinton wasn’t as gross as Donald Trump – and He was repulsive.
    Nancy and those like her need to grow up and face the truth. God help us.

  7. Sorry gals. Women have gone too far. This whole feminist concept has gotten out of hand. There are many things a woman should never think of doing, but they try to be equal with men, which they really aren’t, especially in how they are built. Just be proud of being a woman.
    And an emasculating woman is a demanding woman who likes to berate men, as does Megan Kelly. Barbara Walters was the same type of reporter. And Megan Kelly doesn’t tell the truth. She sets out on each show to tear down Trump by spreading lies and false rumors. I’m sure her ratings have suffered at Fox.
    I don’t need to grow up and face the truth. It is you Ms. Jones who needs to be toned down to recognize the absurdity of your claims.

  8. “If I understand the history correctly, in the late 1990s, the President was impeached for lying about a sexual affair by a House of Representatives led by a man who was also then hiding a sexual affair, who was supposed to be replaced by another Congressman who stepped down when forced to reveal that he too was having a sexual affair, which led to the election of a new Speaker of the House who now has been indicted for lying about payments covering up his sexual contact with a boy.
    Yikes.” – today’s GOP.

  9. Oh, you mean something like “some sort of a tramp” that poses nude for GQ on her boyfriend’s private 747 and then stunningly expects to be taken seriously as a “First Lady”?
    Hmm. I think I understand now. That’s what an emasculating woman is!

  10. I asked what an “emasculating woman” was and you helped answer by describing Megyn Kelly. I found it ironic that Mrs. Trump III has a very similar history – but yet she’s not “emasculating”??
    I’m sorry if I come across as angry and bitter. Maybe you’ve never had anyone hold you accountable for what you write/say. I guess if that’s true, I may sound bitter and angry. Instead, I think I’m pretty perceptive and understand the ridiculous nature of arguments defending Donald Trump.
    As for Denny Hastert – it’s another embarrassment for Illinois’ history books filled with criminals and fools.

  11. No, you didn’t hold anybody accountable. The question was in reference to Meagan Kelly and you just changed the topic. Seems like your rage keeps you from concentrating on the topic at hand.

  12. ah yes perjury that came about because Linda Tripp broke the law and recorded Lewinsky and the colluded with Ken Start ILLEGALLY AGAIN so that he could ask the question in an unrelated case.
    How many laws were broken to get Clinton? many!!!
    The GOP used amoral tactics to be the moral police. The hypocrites lost the house and senate majority because of THIS HYPCOCYSY.
    Remember Terry Shaivo? Remember how the GOP the guardians of the sacred marriage took the husbands next of kin rights away via congressional action? The husband was thrown to curb to protect a woman with no functioning brain. HYPOCRITES! Another reason they lost the house and Senate… Since when does congress convene to dismantle the marriage rights of a brain dead woman?
    The GOP needed to run the Country and start worrying about their own little monster running around. But no they knowingly had a pedophile in their midst in line for Presidency!

  13. Wow – another ADD liberal that can’t stay focused on the issue. The mark of a person who can’t make a point.
    How did you end up at Terry Schiavo which happened about 10 years after Monica-gate? You have a clouded mind. Stay off the drugs.