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Speaker Madigan agrees with Susan Sarandon: Education is a right



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NEW YORK – Hollywood stars like Susan Sarandon and leftist movement social activists supporting self-identified socialist Bernie Sanders and Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan agree that "Education is a right, not a privilege," and Madigan wants to change the Illinois Constitution to say just that.

This week, Speaker Madigan told the panel of lawmakers he wants to raise the amount the state assists local districts for 34 percent to 51 percent, so local districts aren't so reliant on property taxes.

With that, he wants to change the bolster the constitution's language to refer to education as a fundamental "right." Right now, the state constitution calls education for the state's children a "goal." 

It's an incremental step, but a monumental one that opens a lot of questions. While most people assume the Speaker is focusing on K-12 education for all, what's to prevent that "right" applying to higher education?

Bernie Sanders' supporter actress Susan Sarandon would agree fully with Speaker Madigan.

In a new 5-minute ad for Sanders, Sarandon says, "We live in the greatest country in the world, and yet so many of our citizens can't get an education. And if they do, they end up paying their student loans for the rest of their lives. Education is a right, not a privilege."

Soon after in the Sanders ad, "The Good Wife" star Alan Cummings says, "I'm from Scotland, right? It's not a particularly rich country. It's not nearly as wealthy as the United States of America, for example. Yet, everyone in Scotland has free access to education and health care. Why don't we have that in America? Hmmm??" 

And Bernie Sanders himself chimes in, "We should not be punishing people for getting an education. And instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires or fighting wars we should not be fighting, we'll be investing in housing and education."

It's about creating a political revolution, Sanders says:


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  1. Think about the job security UNION TEACHERS would have with a constitutional change like this. The only thing is that those opposed need to come up with a “feel good” response to this effort that makes the Left “feel good” when they reach into our pockets!

  2. Private property rights is a RIGHT too as it continues to be stolen in Illinois with massive property taxes.
    Right to work without forced union dues is a right too.
    Public education has become a boondoggle and needs to be reevaluated. School choice is the solution with charters, private, home schooling, and vouchers. Federal Government needs to get out if the education business with elimination of the federal department of education.
    We need to find solutions that don’t include more taxing and spending and borrowing.

  3. Public school education is not a right, though parents have the RIGHT to educate their children.
    This sounds like a power play by the state, homeschoolers and parents watch your back, despicable dictator madigan is on the move!

  4. Since when do Hollywood fruitcakes become authorities on laws in Illinois?
    And how many children in the Chicago schools actually get a real “education?” i have heard too many stories from friends who attempt to teach in Chicago of the disruptive students who they can’t control. There are the inmates of the schools who prevent the serious students from getting an education.