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Cook County Clerk David Orr celebrates 9500 same sex marriage mark



CHICAGO – Cook County Clerk David Orr is excited about the growing number of same sex married couples in his county – and posted a photo of the 9500th couple to pick up their wedding license this week.

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  1. Same-sex fake marriage will never be equal to traditional one man one woman marriage.
    That same-sex crime against nature is irrational and immoral.
    Hey Mr Orr, how many of those married same-sex couples have pro-created or are expecting?

  2. Actually, same-sex marriages are exactly equal to opposite marriages. That’s sort of the point. That you disapprove of them for religious reasons is irrelevant.
    Oh, and the ability to have children (and that’s ignoring the fact that many of these married couples *do* have children) is not a prerequisite for marriage. Otherwise, that’s a lot of postmenopausal women that are in for a surprise.

  3. Show us one same-sex couple that has procreated, just one! Same-sex couples cannot have true sex, what they do together under the sheets is a perversion of sex, thus they are sexual perverts. You can’t violate the law of nature and make a baby!
    Every first year biology student knows the purpose of sex is procreation for the continuation of the species. You lie when you say same-sex couples are equal with one man one woman couples. In their mentally disordered minds they maybe, but that is all.
    Same-sex couples like to pose with children in an effort to deceive, same as Hitler, liked to pose with other people’s children too, like homos do Hitler used imagery to propagandize.
    Everyone knows traditional marriage is a vehicle for the family, society and govt has an interest in supporting traditional one man one woman only marriage. There is no societal benefit or governmental need for same-sex pervert marriage.