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House Approves Cullerton-McSweeney Bill on Local Government Consolidation


SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois House today approved legislation Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) is sponsoring to help streamline and ultimately reduce the number of units of local government in Illinois.

Senate Bill 2994 requires every county to prepare a report for the General Assembly identifying any local public entity to which the county board, board of county commissioners, county board chairman or president, or county executive makes appointments.

The House approved the bill by a vote of 112-0. The measure previously passed the Senate without opposition. Senator Thomas Cullerton (D-Lake Villa) is the Senate sponsor.

A recent WalletHub.com survey outlined how Illinois has the highest state and local taxes of any state in the country. There are more than 7,000 units of local government in Illinois.‎

“This legislation is a significant step forward in helping us take the necessary steps to consolidate and eliminate duplicative units of government. Property taxes are too high in Illinois. Consolidation will help reduce property taxes,” McSweeney said.

Senate Bill 2994 now moves to the Governor’s desk for further consideration.


  1. I have changed my opinion a little about this bill that might be harmless if only limited to a report. But I still say only the voters who created the special purpose district should have the right to abolish it. There are many special purpose districts even today in rural areas for fire protection, sanitary management, and pest control that make sense. It is no big deal that there are many of them and beware of propaganda from the Municipal League and other emprire builders that want to expand regional government under the guise of modernization.

  2. STOP!! Did you read the article ? Illinois has the HIGHEST R. E. Taxes in the country and the HIGHEST NUMBER OF GOVERNMENT offices ! TOO MUCH!! If the other 49 states can get by with less government and lower taxes, Illinois can surely do so!! NO EXCUSES for mindless redundant jobs wasting our tax dollars!!

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