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Illinois GOP platform committee opens door for suggestions


Congressman Randy Hultgren addresses 2012 IL GOP Day at the State Fair

CHICAGO – If you have an idea for changing the 2016 GOP State Convention platform, you're welcome to join the conversation via the WeAreIllinois.com website

Eighteen members of the Illinois Republican Party are currently discussing via conference calls changes they recommend should be made to the platform and presented to state convention delegates during the May 20-21st gathering at the Peoria State Convention Center. 

In a recent report from Lake County, Republicans were warned that changes were being considered to the state's pro-life and traditional marriage planks.

“There are those who want to eliminate the pro-life and pro-marriage planks from the Illinois Republican Platform," Lake County Republicans' First Vice Chair Mike Danford said at a recent Lake County Right to Life gathering. "[Committee member] Pat Brady is one of them.”

Illinois Review reached out to Mr. Brady to confirm whether or not he is working to change the platform on life or marriage, and he declined to answer. In 2012, Brady told Illinois Review that he believed same sex marriage was an "equality issue", and that the "true conservative position is in favor" of allowing gay marriage. In 2013, Brady signed on with ACLU-Illinois to appeal to Republican legislators to support same sex marriage in Illinois. Shortly thereafter, the General Assembly passed the legislation and Governor Pat Quinn signed it into law.

Sources familiar with this year's platform committee discussions suggest that while the pro-life plank is always touchy, the biggest controversy appears to be more on the IL GOP's family plank. Whether the 2012 definition of marriage remains the same could be the most divisive issue with which the committee deals in 2016. 

The current ILGOP wording that we were told is likely to divide the committee is found in Section V, "The Embrace of the Traditional Family" parts C and D – especially the words "one man and one woman" since Illinois voted to legalize same sex marriage: 

Who is serving on this year's IL GOP Platform Committee? Each member of the State Central Committee appoints a person to represent his or her congressional district. The picks to serve on the IL GOP Platform Committee are as follows:

The platform committee encourages suggestions to the platform to be submitted on the WeAreIllinois.com website this week. 


  1. How about a plank that endorses common sense and decency?
    How about a rejection of homosexual propaganda and the corruption of our children? A statement that homosexuality leads to disease, suffering and death?
    A clear policy that any public institution that no longer reflects human values should be abolished?

  2. Marriage is one man and one woman ordained by God . In the garden of Eden there was one man and one woman not two women and and not two men. Same sex marriage is against God’s law . In the book of Leviticus it says a man shall not lay with a man as he would a woman nor shall a woman lay with a woman as she would a man. god destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their repulsive sins , one of which was homosexuality.
    God is the author of life and only He has the right to take it .One of the ten commandments is ‘ Thou shalt not kill.’ So He doesn’t like abortion. The fact that we are talking about putting these issues on the platform shows just how far down the tubes we have gotten spiritually. We have gotten far from God and the principles that are taught in the Bible.

  3. Looks like the committee is divided with Cook and collar counties on one side of the issue and the rest of the state rationally on the other side of the issue.
    What a travesty for Illinois Republicans!

  4. After the ground swell of support for firing former Illinois GOP chairman Pat Brady, its a slap in the face to put the traitor on the platform committee. What Brady tried to do is unforgivable… he treated us like he owned us.
    My suggestion is to boot dictator Pat Brady off the committee!

  5. Spense, why is it that every time WGN or WLS want to consult an “expert” on Illinois GOP politics, they have Pat Brady on the radio?
    What makes that LOSER an “expert?”
    The only thing I can remember Brady doing as Chairman is violating Illinois GOP by-laws by
    showing favoritism to Mark Kirk’s candidacy for the Senate. Brady escorted Kirk around this state six years ago, a clear bias FAVORING Kirk AGAINST his GOP Primary opponent.

  6. Former GOP Chairman Pat Brady was going around pushing same-sex marriage, which was against the party platform…. he acted like he was a king.
    As I recall, after he was fired he was hired to lobby for same-sex marriage

  7. Here’s a suggestion: Pat Brady, Mark Kirk, Bruce Rauner, and every other Pro-Abortion RINO needs to be thrown out of the party. If the leadership won’t do it, then WE do it by sitting on our hands and seeing how well they do WITHOUT our votes…

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