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Illinois Review responds to upset IL GOP Platform Committee member


PEORIA – Illinois Review was mentioned in the IL GOP Platform Committee meeting at the party's convention Friday in Peoria. Here's our response:

There's a very upset IL GOP platform committee member that just blasted fellow committee members for distributing his contact info and Illinois Review publishing it. He really doesn't know how we obtained the information.

Facts are that the committee members were representing the people of their district, and without the contact information being made public, there would have been no way for constituents to voice their opinions. Committee members would not have had to hear from those outside the committee.

We sometimes must make tough calls. This is one that was demanded by the circumstances. We serve our readers.


  1. Thank you Illinois Review, you did the right thing.
    I’m certain Mr Brady would rather that the voting public not know what the leaders of Illinois’ GOP actually think of their constituents.
    Thank you for shining some light.

  2. Much ado about nothing. It proved the authenticity of the text and he has new number by now. A little inconvenience for him(probably handled by staffer) and now he has a new number. No apology or explanation necessary. Especially considering the topic.

  3. Eastsider –
    Don’t you find it refreshing to know that Illinois Review allows you to take part in the debate when they could block your rantings? They’re not afraid to let you express your opinion – why didn’t Pat Brady have respect for the opinion of a person he’s representing on the IL GOP Platform Committee.
    Maybe you don’t get it yet, but that’s what the Trump revolution is about – you and those like Mr. Brady have no respect for the people you serve. That has to change.

  4. There was a website for submitting comments – of course there was no feedback to let us know they even looked at the comments (or if it was the equivalent of a suggestion box attached to the paper shredder). If that site had a link to the 2012 platform and weekly update to other language being considered (or a way to get email updates for delegates) then personal contact info would not have been needed. The release of contact info was needed because they decided to do be secretive.
    It would have been nice to have a copy of the proposed language (or to have them read it) in the platform meetings on Friday. Even being there, I had no idea what was in the platform until I read it.
    It became available at 11 am on Saturday when the room opened. The meeting started at 11:30, with the vote a couple hours later. I glanced it, and voted, but did not read the entire thing until after the convention. (I now know how our reps feel when they are expected to vote on something they could not read) The final document is fine. The delegates were obviously trying to do a good job – and they did. The decision to do it secretively not so good.

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