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Starkehaus: Pat Brady’s FU confirms what RINOs have been doing to Illinois for decades


IL GOP Platform Committee's Pat Brady (3rd fr r) and Ryan Higgins (center)

By Irene F. Starkehaus - 

The texted statement made by 6th CD constituent Laurie Higgins was a simple one:

"Do not replace the marriage plank with the proposed RINO/Libertarian plank that marriage has an intrinsic nature, that children have an intrinsic right to be raised by a mother and a father whenever possible. The language in this pernicious plank necessarily endorses the legal recognition of plural unions. Evidently, the RINOs/Libertarians on the committee have no understanding of the essential role marriage has in the health and survival of any society. Mr. Brady, you have done enough damage to Illinois."

Pat Brady represented the 6th Congressional District on the 2016 platform committee on May 20, 2016 at the Peoria Civic Center at which time the committee voted 10 to 7 to end the 6000-year-old traditions surrounding the one-man-one-woman nuclear family. Although the bid was ultimately unsuccessful, we are witnessing an attitudinal shift in the Republican Party that is unprecedented. There was also a less effective attempt to supposedly broaden party appeal through agreeable language regarding abortion.

Quoting Ryan Higgins of the 8th CD, "Why can't we be more receptive to those who agree with most of our core principles? [Inclusive language] is a beacon."

Just what shining light of core principles remains after the GOPs progressive scorched earth policy on traditional values, I'm not sure.

Oh, right. Fiscal responsibility. That's just the thing to bond principled voters of Illinois to those who are ethically impaired. Plan A: Attracted moral relativists to the Republican Party so that we can stop the Illinois legislature from overspending, confiscating wealth and redistributing that wealth to gain votes, because crippling taxpayers with debt is – what? Wrong? Immoral?

By what standard? And what exactly is Plan B?

I'm sorry. The premise is simply ludicrous. Relativists will not expand fiscal responsibility in Springfield. They'll expand relativism.

After receiving Ms. Higgins simple plea for sanity via text, the former Illinois Republican Party chairman Pat Brady offered a response that was a bit more complex by its nature than the Higgins appeal:

"Fuck U"

Perhaps you're thinking, "Complex? No, complex is not the word I'd use."

Pat Brady's comment, however, should be lauded as particularly complex in spite of its monosyllabic and ribald nature because Pat Brady is by definition the public servant representing the woman he verbally assaulted. Thus we begin a new era in American politics. In keeping with this election cycle's GOP gold standard, Brady bullies his constituency into submission through insult and violent rhetoric.

Just so there's no misunderstanding over my allusion, if you are a Trump supporter, please spare me your moral outrage over Pat Brady's malicious rhetoric. Welcome to the exciting new world of inclusion, because verbal abuse is now the benchmark by which election standards are measured.

And hey, don't misunderstand. I personally commend the former GOP chairman for dropping the pretense of representation and finally delivering the tag line that confirms what conservatives already knew. The Illinois GOP leadership has been politely screwing over conservatives for decades while they play fast and loose with constitutionally protected freedoms; while they shelter politically connected, accused child molesters from public scrutiny; and while they provide the Democrat Party any tools necessary for amassing insurmountable debt, regulation and cultural blight in the name of bipartisan unity in the State of Illinois. Brady's FU is merely affirmation that the days of polite are over.

The Illinois GOP thinks that the only way to survive is to shape shift with the pop culture echo chamber rather than to offer a contrast and choice. This will supposedly bring in more voters.

So civility is dead, our culture is in disarray and what does this mean in real world terms? With some basic markers of societal advancement like traditional marriage, bathroom/changing room privacy and an infant's right not to be dismembered being washed away in avalanches of inclusion, many casual observers will begin to notice contradictions in conventional wisdom as the thin veil of courtesy tears away and reveals our manufactured decline.

The first incongruity within scientific consensus that observers will notice is that homosexuality is not actually genetic in nature. In the next corresponding decades of emphasis and glamorization surrounding the LGBT-QRSTUV lifestyles, witnesses will note that the oft touted 3% rule with regard to LGBTQ populations will no longer apply. Watch that number grow to 15% and then to 30% by the year 2030.

The number claiming LGBTQ status will increase exponentially by design because LGBTQ is a cultural phenomenon that is the totality of learned behaviors that develop and take hold within declining societies in the same way any other vice can.

As institutions of primary and secondary learning increasingly extoll the virtues of sexual diversity to the point of deification and increasingly condemn the evil of hegemonic cisgenderism, future generations will learn to view reproduction within the bonds of traditional marriage as barbaric, and they will ultimately coopt new social norms at much higher rates than that 3% you thought was etched in stone.

The LGBTQ lifestyles can absolutely be encouraged and enlisted because they are not a result of biological inheritance. These are learned or adopted behaviors.

The second inconsistency that will be noticed by many is that the progressives are devastatingly religious in spite of their overt hatred of traditional religious tenets. The problem for the Left isn't faith per se. I mean, you have to be some kind of religious zealot if you really thought you were going to keep your doctor if you liked your doctor. No, faith isn't the issue. The problem is that Judeo-Christian principles require an external, fixed locus that easily confirms and disparages incongruity once it is exposed.

The Left demands a new, more fluid value system that won't get caught up in details. Like this:

What is murder? It's the taking of innocent life. What is abortion? It's the taking of innocent life. Is abortion a form of murder? No. Why? Because.

Or this:

What is theft? Theft is the taking of another person's property. What is social justice? Social justice is the taking of another person's property. Is social justice a form of theft? No. Why? Because.

See? Lots of promises. No demands. Who knew that paradise regained would be so easy?

The third inanity to understand is that appeasement doesn't really appease. This current GOP platform of fluid inclusion is not even close to the depths that progressives will take us as additional concessions are made. We are not shepherding in an era of peace and tranquility by surrendering traditional marriage, the incontrovertible differences between XX and XY or prolife principles. This is because tranquility and peace are the last things that progressives actually want.

Pinky and the Brain notwithstanding, totalitarians know that the best way to destroy a free society is to teach people how to destroy themselves by bastardizing their understanding of what freedom is. Freedom does not mean you get to do whatever you want. People who do whatever they want are people who end up subjugated.

It's a well preserved analogy. I have a car. I want to boost fuel efficiency, so I mix water in with my petrol. You say, "Don't do that. You'll ruin your engine." I say, "Says who?" You say, "The car manufacturer for a start. Check the owner's manual." I say, "No! You're not the boss of me. I'm free. It's my car. I can do what I want with it."

And that's true. I can do what I want with my car. But when I do, my car will no longer run, and I will be a little less free. It's simply a law of physics.

And so it is with culture. We are free. We can do what we want. It's our society. But when we do whatever we want, our culture will break and we will be less free. When all is said and done, we are asking to be conquered by warping the fixed principles of morality. Further, the future vanquishers of America will feel no sting of conscience in conquering us because they will believe themselves justified in destroying a degenerate society. Americans led by the people of Illinois will have no means of stopping the subjugation because they will be so infused in the rigor of inclusion that they won't be able to justify self-defense.

To that end, Pat Brady has never spoken so truthfully as he did when he when demeaned his constituent with his directive "Fuck U."

First the he said it, and then he did it.


  1. Many excellent points Irene; to these I would add the fundamental problem with the IL-GOP is that senior party leaders want nothing more than to be part of the ruling class. To that end, they are perfectly content to be the Washington Generals for the Democrats Harlem Globetrotters – we’ll be your punching bag and lose every game as long as we get to be in the game.
    A catastrophic collapse of the IL-GOP might be the only thing that can save it.

  2. As shameful and unforgivable as Pat Brady’s text was to that woman, you must not realize that Brady reserves his worst venom for Donald Trump. Brady bashes him constantly on radio and tv. You’re rambling piece was hard to follow but I did pick up that you seem to have a problem with Trump supporters. In any case, I couldn’t figure out what you were trying to say regarding Trump and his supporters or what the relevance might be.
    My only point is if you don’t like Trump, you’re actually in agreement with the disgraced Pat Brady. So good luck with that.

  3. Before I begin, the way *you* talk to Trump supporters is disgraceful, and you seem like quite the rambler yourself. Maybe you should remove the plank from your own eye before you try to remove the spec from others’. Don’t lament the loss of civility when you resort to ad hominems, assumptions, and condescension.
    1. Your criticism of “moral relativists” was unfair. Libertarians are among the most anti-tax and anti-spend crowd you can imagine, yet many are more socially radical than average Democrats. To suggest that only social conservatives are capable of being fiscally conservative is incorrect and insulting to a lot of people.
    Also, the shift you speak of within the Republican Party is not because of a nefarious plot to infiltrate the party with relativists, but rather a shifting attitude all across the country. Much of this has to do with religion becoming less common (which is happening all over the western world). I hear few arguments against same sex marriage from a secular point of view, unlike abortion where you do find *some* pro-life secular people. Expect this secular trend to continue.
    2. Trump’s people can’t be outraged about Brady’s abuse? Some Trump supporters wish that he would tone down his rhetoric. Also, equating what Trump says, which is something along the lines of calling a third party (like Rosie) fat and saying “F U” directly to a constituent is wrong. It is a false equivalence. I know Never Trump people like to blame Trump for every problem that Republicans have, but this is quite the stretch.
    3. I’ve been hearing that homosexuality is not genetic lately as if it negates every other study saying it is genetic. When studies contradict each other that means we need to research it more, not cherry pick which studies we like. I tend to think it’s genetic since gay people report feeling that way from a very young age; also, many of them lived in times when they had to put up with people beating or killing them for who they loved, so why would any rational person choose that kind of life? If a gay person tells me it’s not their choice, I tend to take their word for it rather than somebody else telling me they don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m pretty sure they know what’s going on in their minds more than other people do.
    4. Rauner won the election by not talking about social issues. One of the big concerns about Brady in 2010 was that he was *too* socially conservative. Good luck pressing the social issues in Illinois. I’ll take someone trying to fix the 100 billion dollar pension mess who can win rather than someone rallying against an issue that the Supreme Court has upheld and the majority of people favor who will lose.

  4. I am absolutely a rambler. I look forward to every opportunity I’m given to ramble and I glory in every ramble when I’ve finished.
    Side note…I have a strong preference for the color pink. I choose pink whenever I can. I have felt this way about pink for as long as I can remember. Is this preference genetically programmed into me or is it because I had a blanket when I was a toddler that was pink with pink satin trim that gave me comfort when I was learning not to be afraid of the dark?
    Feeling a certain way does not change my genetic coding. Would that it were so.

  5. Dr. Francis S. Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, along with his team of over 150 of the top geneticists in the world, who sequenced and decoded the human genome, stated they did NOT find a homosexual or transgender gene.
    That was not a study, it is factual science, cause and effect! Homosexuality does not have a genetic cause. Homosexuality is a mental disorder. Anyone can purpose a study to have the outcome of their choosing so your foolish comment about studies is worthless.
    Gay science is all fake

  6. mud stated If a gay person tells me it’s not their choice, I tend to take their word for it rather than somebody else telling me they don’t know what they’re talking about.
    Of course homos claim it’s not a choice, even though all behavior is a choice. The only time behavior isn’t a choice is when mental illness is involved. Homosexuals don’t want to admit that, they have a mental disorder and a screwed up mind and refuse to get help. Irrational behavior is a hallmark of mental disorders and violating natural law is most certainly irrational.

  7. It’s because most Republicans agree with him. It’s the party of Ryan, Hastert, Topinka, Rauner, Kirk, Cross, Rodogno, Rutherford. These aren’t just benchwarmers. These are their leaders.

  8. I think it’s not that most Republicans AGREE with him, it’s because too many Republicans vote by heritage or habit, and do not pay attention to what goes on within the Republican Party
    (i.e. “Grand Dad and MY Dad were Republicans, and so am I.”)
    They are too into their favorite sports teams or playing video games to be educated and knowledgeable voters. They are politically ignorant regarding the issues.
    That’s how clowns and turncoats like Kirk get elected and re-elected.

  9. what needs to happen is that those with traditional values need to become part of the process. Be an elected precinct committeeman; vote for the State Central Committeemen; and then hold them responsible for whom they place on the platform committee. And make sure you vote!

  10. Thank you for this. And thank you for speaking the truth in a sea of political correctness that is drowning us all. You’ll take flack for it (obviously) but to not speak is as bad as going along with it.

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