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Illinois-based conservative grassroots group disbands



Patriots_United_Logo_CurrentIn a letter to supporters, the board of directors of Patriots United announced the disbanding of the organization. According to the email missive, the decision to disband was due to the fact that current board members were otherwise occupied, and replacement directors could not be found. Additionally, the board felt directed to focus its efforts on "Our Great Eight," an organization working to "regain freedom and liberty in an overly regulated and controlled economy."

The Patriots United email letter is below:

Dear Patriots,

Life is full of passages.  As in all steps from one platform to the next, there is sorrow and gladness involved.  As children step out of childhood into the land of adults, we have mixed emotions of missing what was before but rejoicing over what comes next.  Such it is with Patriots United.  

In 2013, Patriots United’s president stepped down in order to serve in other ways and spend more time raising family.  In 2015, our next president stepped down in the late summer to make a career change.  An interim president was appointed in fall of 2015, and by the end of that same year, the call for a change in direction was heard and discussed.  

A new platform and focus had been in development for two years and the time was ripe to formulate a roll-out of ‘Our Great Eight.’  Since ‘Turning Point USA’ was very interested in collaborating in getting these materials onto college campuses across the country,  it was prayerfully considered and a decision was made to form a collaboration to launch ‘Our Great Eight’ on a national level.

In March of 2016, the board of Patriots United held a motion to disband as an organization for the following two reasons:

  • All the board members were occupied in other venues that were taking up a majority of their time, with no replacements available.
  • Several members of the board were directed to give their energy and time commitments towards ‘Our Great Eight’ believing this would have a more direct impact on citizens, especially the youth of our country.

A vote was taken, which resulted in a unanimous vote to disband Patriots United, giving full attention to ‘Our Great Eight’ a newly formed constituency.

It is with sadness and gladness that we turn our attention from what has been to what will be!   As is true with conservative thought, it is imperative to look back and find encouragement in the great truths we stand on, and find inspiration to spring forward to the things yet to be done.  

We take off our hats to ‘Patriots United’ and bow our heads in gratitude and appreciation for all who have led us from the beginning, to the faithfulness of our constituents, and to our sister and brother organizations we have had the privilege of standing beside.

Blessings to all as we move forward, carrying the torch of freedom through ‘Our Great Eight’ and those who stand for liberty in the United States of America.

God bless and please join us!

Maida Korte, Jackie Larson, Bill Parrot and John Wuich
Board Members
Patriots United


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