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Trump taps Christie for Transition Team Chairman




NEW YORK – While many were surprised at Republican candidate Ted Cruz's announcement that Carly Fiorina would be his running mate if he were to attain the party's nomination,Monday, Donald Trump leapfrogged Cruz's announcement by announcing who would serve as his Transition Team Chairman if Trump were to be elected president.

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) will serve as Transition Team Chairman, the Trump campaign said. Mr. Trump is the presumptive Presidential nominee for the Republican Party and continues to take critical steps to gear up for the general election against potential Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, or whoever.

“Governor Christie is an extremely knowledgeable and loyal person with the tools and resources to put together an unparalleled Transition Team, one that will be prepared to take over the White House when we win in November. I am grateful to Governor Christie for his contributions to this movement,” Trump said in a statement.

Governor Chris Christie will serve as Transition Team Chairman, overseeing an extensive team of professionals preparing to take over the White House, and all that entails, in the fall. "Governor Christie has been a loyal supporter and confidante to Mr. Trump and the campaign," the statement said. "He has been entrusted to oversee this important task with the goal to implement this team in an official capacity in November."

Governor Christie said, “I am honored by the confidence being placed in me by Mr. Trump and look forward to putting together a first rate team to assemble an administration to help best serve the President-elect and the nation.”

Mr. Trump has begun shifting towards a general election strategy and implementing an infrastructure capable of securing a victory including making key hires, building a finance operation to benefit the Republican Party and unifying the party by working with several Republican leaders now voicing their support for Mr. Trump and his candidacy. 

He has yet to announce his possible vice-presidential pick. 


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  1. This is not good news. Christie’s record on judicial appointments is dreadful. Some have been liberal Democrats, others have been semi-qualified cronies, none have been principled conservatives.
    One of the few reasons to vote for Trump over Clinton would be that there is a small chance Trump would not appoint a liberal to the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. If Christie is advising him, that goes away.
    Which means that the liberal bloc will control the Court, and the liberals will win every case.
    So, even if by some miracle Republicans hold control of the House or Senate, the Executive will do as it pleases and the Court will confirm it.
    Rather like Venezuela, where the Chavista regime is ruling by decree, despite the opposition’s 2/3 majority in the legislature, because the Supreme Court is packed with chavistas and has ruled for the government over 45,000 times in row.

  2. Some say that Donald Trump is the “presumptive nominee” of the GOP. Let us agree for the sake of argument that is true. But for someone who had not been nominated and could not even be elected until November, appointing a “transition chief” is not just presumptuous but it is childish and comical like so many things that Trump does. I am sure that in Trump World he thinks he is waging the equivalent of a head fake to make people think his election is so inevitable that he needs to appoint a head of transition in May and not wait until November. This is just silly to anyone who is not a Trump robot or enabler.

  3. Are you really surprised Rich? How much proof is needed that Trump is not a conservative? Trump thinks his sister is a good federal judge and she is to the left of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and not nearly as smart.

  4. Do all Trumpistas just make things up out of whole cloth? Is their world as delusional as he is? I never wrote any article about Ted Cruz at all on Illinois Review. He was not my first or second choice. Yes Trump is a child and a moron who cannot be consistent from one day to the next on health care or the minimum wage or foreign policy or his pro-abortion record. Trump robots have no right to be so willfully obtuse just because it makes them feel good emotionally to stick to the establishment which is a joke because Trump IS the establishment. How often did any GOP candidate besides Trump say the Hillary and Bill Clinton were good people and good friends of his like he did in 2012 on Fox News to Greta van Sustren? Stop being so lazy and do some homework on what Trump has actually said in his own words. Or do you think his words don’t matter?