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Heritage Foundation: Universal Preschool May Do More Harm than Good



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A growing body of empirical evidence suggests that universal preschool programs fail to improve a range of outcomes for participants. New studies of large-scale preschool programs in Quebec and Tennessee show that vastly expanding access to free or subsidized preschool may worsen behavioral and emotional outcomes.

In the absence of compelling evidence that subsidized preschool provides an important public good, the subsidies should be reduced, not increased. Policymakers should recognize that expanding subsidies for preschool is unnecessary, provides no new benefits to low-income parents, and would create a new subsidy for middle-income and upper-income families, while adding to the tax burden for Americans.

Click here to read Heritage Foundation's study findings.


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  1. Expensive daycare for the taxpayer.
    But it does advance the socialist agenda and that is what many so-called ‘educators’ are actually after.
    Kindergarten is also a basic joke. Money needs to be spent in 1-12 and not diluted to ill disguised daycare programs that have relatively little education value considering the expense involved.