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CAIR Met With Congress 325 Times in 2016


CAIR Founder & Exec. Dir. Nihad Awad (R) with Ibrahim Hooper, National Spokesman

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group identified by the Justice Department as a Muslim Brotherhood entity and designated as terrorists by the United Arab Emirates, boasts of having 325 meetings with members of Congress or their staff over the last year.

The group says it also enjoyed $3 million worth free advertising through media appearances this year alone, resulting in 50 million views of its work.

A 2007 court filing by federal prosecutors notes how two of CAIR’s founders were wiretapped at a secret Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas meeting in Philadelphia in 1993, where they participated in a robust discussion of how to use deception to influence American public opinion in a direction favorable to the Islamist cause.



  1. Of course they have… Muslims are taught by Islamic doctrine to work to replace the kafir’s (non-believers of Islam) Constitutions and laws with their Islamic political, economic, military, social and legal system with the ultimate goal of incorporating our state and Country into an Islamic caliphate.

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