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Chicago activist calls for police to be abolished and disarmed



NEW YORK – Community activist Jessica Disu from Chicago was among those discussing race relations on "The Kelly File" Monday night. She called for police to be abolished and disarmed –

"We need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice," she said. "The police in this country began as slave patrol."


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  1. transformative justice… LOL?? Prison is suppose to change the thinking of criminals. Its difficult to transform uncivilized people who weren’t raised to value human life as a child. I suppose this woman thinks murderers should be allowed to roam free while she tries to transform them… ignorance like this defies logic.
    Eliminating police entirely is insanity, she should keep her ignorant mouth closed.
    Stop the propaganda, the police in this country began to enforce the laws. Yes that includes enforcing slave laws. This woman is a divisive propagandist.

  2. She should recruit gang members to ‘protect’ her neighborhood….when they aren’t shooting each other or anyone else who accidentally gets in the way.
    First priority: Marksmanship classes.

  3. Did anyone question her to see if she has completed any education past the fourth grade? Seriously, does she have a high school diploma? Knowing that a Chicago activist can make it to the White House should have everyone questioning these things now instead of after she takes the oath of office.

  4. For various reasons, reasonable cause stops by police are down 90% from previous years, while shootings have increased 50% in the same time frame. Were there no police at all, we would have a dystopian experience in Chicago as bad as any Mad Max movie.

  5. Does Fox screen these people for intelligence before they allow them to participate. Seriously, she most be second or third generation “out of touch”, living in a world of “take”. Notwithstandiing I am a male, I have always thought the world would be a much better place with female leaders. That is until I heard this lady. She has set females back several generations.