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Mrs. Uihlein and Mr. Gidwitz sign onto Trump finance team




WASHINGTON – Friday the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Donald J. Trump for President announced 2016 State Victory Finance Chairs in thirty-three states and Washington, D.C.  The two members of the new team from Illinois are U-Line President Liz Uihlein and GCG Partners co-founder Ron Gidwitz.

Mrs. Uihlein and her husband Dick have donated millions to conservative candidates and causes over the years. Mr. Gidwitz is known to financially support and raise funds for Republican candidates such as Bruce Rauner and served at one time as the IL GOP's Finance Committee chairman.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 4.12.37 PM

Ron Gidwitz

“Having so many long-time supporters eager to come on board signals our nationwide fundraising effort is continuing to gain steam months ahead of Election Day,” said RNC and Trump Victory Finance Chair Lew Eisenberg. “The effort to build national support began the first week in June and continues to gain momentum. We believe that this list will continue to grow in the weeks ahead. Our Victory Finance Chairs in the states are ready to work hard to raise the support we need to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House, and I’m confident their efforts will also make a difference in our Party’s mission to keep our majorities in the House and Senate.” 

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 4.14.23 PM

Liz Uihlein

“I am excited to have so many individuals committed to victory joining our team,” said Donald J. Trump for President Finance Chairman Steven Mnuchin. “Having experienced fundraising and business leaders in place means we are well-prepared for the long fight ahead against Hillary Clinton, and I expect their efforts will fuel enthusiasm in their states for electing Donald Trump president.”

See below the complete list of State Victory Finance Chairs: 

Lloyd Claycomb, Arizona

Albert Braunfisch, Arkansas                                            

Margaret Chai Maloney, California

Sean Maloney, California

Papa Doug Manchester, California 

Jamie McCourt, California

Dee and Andy Puzder, California, Presidential Trustees

Larry A. Mizel, Colorado

Ambassador Charlie Glazer, Connecticut

Kevin Moynihan, Connecticut

Brian Ballard, Florida

Thad Beshears, Florida

Duke Buchan, Florida and New York, Presidential Trustee

Steve Crisafulli, Florida

Diana and Llwyd Ecclestone, Florida, Presidential Trustees

Harry Frisch, Florida

Toby Hill, Florida

Darlene Jordan, Florida

Fred Karlinsky, Florida

Ambassador Howard Leach, Florida, Presidential Trustee

Mitch Madique, Florida

Ambassador Francis Rooney, Florida

Wilbur Ross, Florida and New York, Presidential Trustee

Ambassador Mel Sembler, Florida, Trump Victory Vice Chair

Congressman Steve Southerland, Florida

Representative Carlos Trujillo, Florida

Joe Williams, Florida

Rayna Casey, Georgia

Ron Gidwitz, Illinois

Liz Uihlein, Illinois, Presidential Trustee

Rex Early, Indiana

Gary Kirke, Iowa

Mike Whalen, Iowa

Kelly and Joe Craft, Kentucky, Presidential Trustees

Boysie Bollinger, Louisiana

Joe Canizaro, Louisiana

David Fischer, Michigan

C. Michael Kojaian, Michigan, Presidential Trustee

John Rakolta, Jr., Michigan

Ambassador Ron Weiser, Michigan, Trump Victory Vice Chair                              

Charles Porter, Mississippi

Charles W. Herbster, Nebraska

Phil Ruffin, Nevada, Presidential Trustee

Todd Christie, New Jersey

George Gilmore, New Jersey

Jon F. Hanson, New Jersey

Bob Hugin, New Jersey

AJ Khubani, New Jersey

Tom Maoli, New Jersey

Alex Markowits, New Jersey

Nevins McCann, New Jersey

Tom Mendiburu, New Jersey

Mindy and AJ Papetti, New Jersey

Laura and Richard Saker, New Jersey

Peter Simon, New Jersey

Dr. Stephen Soloway, New Jersey

Doug Steinhardt, New Jersey

Finn Wentworth, New Jersey

Kevin Daniels, New Mexico

Stanley Chera, New York

Edward F. Cox, New York

Howard M. Lorber, New York

Woody Johnson, New York, Trump Victory Vice Chair

Charles P. Joyce, New York

Peter Kalikow, New York

Anthony Scaramucci, New York

Charles Urstadt, New York, Presidential Trustee

Louis DeJoy, North Carolina, Presidential Trustee     

Congressman Kevin Cramer, North Dakota

Gary Emineth, North Dakota

Edward F. Crawford, Ohio

Mark Small, Ohio

Bill Summers, Ohio

Ron Weinberg, Ohio

James W. Wert, Ohio

Larry Nichols, Oklahoma

Gordon Sondland, Oregon

Robert B. Asher, Pennsylvania

Dr. Robert Capretto, Pennsylvania

Manuel N. Stamatakis, Pennsylvania

Christine J. Toretti, Pennsylvania

Karen Iacovelli, South Carolina, Presidential Trustee

Bill Hagerty, Tennessee

Gigi and Carl Allen, Texas, Presidential Trustees

Roy Bailey, Texas

Andy Beal, Texas, Presidential Trustee

Doug Deason, Texas, Presidential Trustee

Gaylord Hughey, Texas

Dennis Nixon, Texas, Presidential Trustee

Gene Powell, Texas           

John Steinmetz, Texas      

Ray W. Washburne, Texas, Trump Victory Vice Chair

Loretta Solon Greene, Virginia

John Rocovich, Virginia

David Tamasi, Washington, DC

Bill Maloney, West Virginia

Diane Hendricks, Wisconsin, Trump Victory Vice Chair

Bill Scarlett, Wyoming



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  1. Say it ain’t so Ron Gidwitz. Shame on you Ron. Raising money for Trump is a fool’s errand. He will be lucky to clear 190 Electoral Votes out of the 270 he needs to win against Hillary as bad as she is. Trump typically bragged all during the primaries that he would finance his own campaign out of his own money and now he has reversed course on that too. Trump has some positions that some Republicans can endorse but he is still a fake conservative who spent most of his life before last year as a liberal New York Democrat. His recent speech on trade was a disaster but he could survive many of his flaws if it were not for one fundamental flaw that he cannot seem to overcome. He is more arrogant than even Barack Obama and he knows nothing about the Constitution and cares nothing about it. Those who push Trump by calling for party unity are only asking reasonable people with good conscience to endorse handing over nuclear launch codes to someone who has the emotional maturity of a 10-year-old child. Trump can never at age 70 cure his basic selfish and arrogant nature and that is what disqualifies him from support by authentic and informed conservatives who are not fooled by him.