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Walsh Responds to Tweet Reaction




CHICAGO – Via his Facebook page, former Congressman and radio talk show host Joe Walsh responded to the reaction to his tweet following the assassination of five police officers in Dallas last week. Walsh wrote:

My tweet heard round the world.

Thursday night, halfway thru the Dallas killer's rampage, I tweeted the following: 

"3 Dallas Cops shot, 7 wounded. This is war. Obama & black lives matter punks watch out. Real America is coming."

Within minutes, all hell broke loose. People from all over the country accused me of threatening Obama's life. Thousands, including singer John Legend and idiot lefty Keith Olbermann demanded I be arrested. Many on the Left reported me to the FBI & the secret service. Twitter closed my account down and would only agree to reopen my account if that tweet was removed. For the past few days, I've received death threats from people all over the world. The Left "doxxed" me. Doxxing is where you take someone's personal information and make it public. So they got ahold of my phone #'s & emails and folks on the Left have been calling & emailing threats since Thursday night. They got ahold of the phone #'s & emails for each of the radio stations I'm on and organized those on the Left from all over the country to call & email the radio stations to get me fired and tossed off the air. The Left is working to get advertisers to boycott my radio stations. 

Ok, let's briefly be clear about one thing. Did I threaten Obama physically and make a call to incite violence against Obama or anyone else? Heck no. I would never, ever do such a thing. As a former Congressman and syndicated radio host, that would be a pretty stupid thing to so. Talk about a career killer. It would also be very wrong & reprehensible. No sane person I know would ever incite violence against the President of the United States. This accusation is just silly, the Left knows it, but they don't care. They want to shut me up.

Here's what I meant by the tweet and I stand by what I meant. 

There is a war against our Police in this Country. Bad elements have declared war on our Cops and it's time for the rest of us who are on the side of Cops to engage and begin defending Cops. I believe that Obama's words and black lives matter's deeds have gotten Cops killed. After every Police shooting since Ferguson, Obama has come out and blamed the Police and said Cops are racist. Obama did it again this week when he accused the MN Cop of racism before any investigation or due process. ‪#‎BLM‬ has attacked Cops and demanded the killing of Cops. All this Cop hating has led to thugs on the street attacking Cops. That's what happened in Dallas. 

Remember, since Ferguson, unprovoked attacks on Cops are up, ambush attacks on Cops are up, altercations with Cops are up & assassination attempts on Cops are up.

In my tweet I said "watch out Obama, real America is coming." I've been accused of racism by saying "real America." By "real Americans" I mean Americans – white, black & brown – who support our Police. It's got nothing to do with race. If you attack the Police in this country, no matter your race, in my book you're not a real American.

I did tell Obama to "watch out." Of course it wasn't a physical threat. But it was a warning to him. Real Americans are now going to fight back against his Cop hating. We're going to march, protest, boycott and speak up for our Police. We're going to defend our Police. Watch out Obama, we're waking up. 

That's what I meant by my tweet. And I stand by every word of it.

When a Cop shoots a young black man, Obama always cries racism. When the black Dallas shooter said he wanted to kill white Cops, Obama said he was "demented." Obama is dividing us.

Unless we all – white, black & brown – stand up for our Police, this horrible Cop killing will continue. It's time. Way past time to fight against it.

The Left is organized. They fight. They're threatening my life, trying to get me fired, and trying to shut me up. 

We who stand with our Police need to get organized and learn to fight as well.

I won't back down.


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  1. Come on Joe, it was a reckless tweet. You don’t tell someone, especially any President of the United State to “watch out” and that we’re “coming after you.” When you come across crazy like Pat Brady and the stupid threatening things he’s said about Donald Trump, you’ve lost the argument. You aren’t helping yourself or your cause. Just stop it.

  2. Hey Joe,
    I only hope your tweet is accurate, and that America is finally waking up. This effort to denigrate police has been going on long enough. It is time for people to stand against it. Loudly, Publicly. Just because you stand FOR the police does not mean you stand against minorities. There is a lot of people who will stand behind you Joe and, if necessary, in front of you.

  3. When people read things into a statement that aren’t there, the blame is on them not Joe. I totally disagree with you. What if my grandson, a baseball player told a player on a different team who happened to play on an undefeated baseball team, “we’re coming after you” Is that a death threat??? Did my grandson physically threaten him?? Get real! Statements like that are made all the time, its pretty pathetic how you are so willing to roll over and allow the lying left to control the narrative.

  4. Joe……There was nothing wrong in what you wrote. This man….this radical islamist needs to know and understand that the average….run of the mill….American does not recognize this individual as the leader of the American people. He has done more danage to the United States, during the past 8 years, than any elected official during our lifetime. You just keep on doing what you do..

  5. Hope you remember me from a few years back when we discussed the possibility of me adding some historical perspectives to your web site.
    Hang tough my friend, there is no question that you are on the right side of this issue!
    I only have one suggestion, pull your voice down an octave or two, when I’m listening to you my throat always hurts.
    Don Boyer

  6. Walsh is “awesome.” I look forward to his radio show every day, especially since 890 AM has gotten rid of many of their conservative talk shows and replaced them with sports (or horrendously boring people like Steve Dahl). He gets a little carried away sometimes, but he is always respectful of his callers even if they disagree with him. You have to listen to him every day to realize that he NEVER, NEVER advocates violence. (Joe, I loved your parody a few months back of that Bernie supporter who thought it would be “awesome” to elect him. Couldn’t stop laughing.)

  7. No, you’re wrong, it is you who has been embarrassed, your foolish comment did that.
    “watch out Hillary, real America is coming.”
    Does that threaten Hillary Clinton?
    You liberals are always trying to gaslight America…. with psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making Americans doubt their own memory and perception. Ain’t working here… liberal lies presented to the public as if the lies are the truth…. are still lies!
    Joe did or said nothing wrong or out of line and for the record, only whiny liberals get hysterical!