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Beck: “Nobody is going to listen to us if we’re carrying a banner that does not reflect our values.”



Glenn Beck giving the keynote speech at RedState Gathering 2016 in Denver, Colorado.


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  1. What a shame that IR’s readers are religious bigots and perspective shamers. If you listen to his review of history, it’s interesting and his challenge to stick to principles isn’t misled.
    What an angry mob the Trumpsters have become. They want to bully everyone into agreeing and voting with them. That type of maneuver is not appealing at all. It is evidence of injustice and more thought police in our nation’s future – just from the Right, not the Left.

  2. Beck’s review of history is as unhinged as he is. He lands on every position he can possibly take at one time or another.
    Trumpsters aren’t angry. Trumpsters aren’t bullying. You want to vote for Hillary – go ahead. Or Gary Johnson – fine.
    “injustice”. Wow. Did you just get out of DePaul? What an infantile use of the word.

  3. BTW, Angela – since you mentioned sticking to principles can you name any principles Beck has actually stuck to? He’s all over the place on every issue. He can’t take a position for more than a few weeks without reversing or inverting it.

  4. Angela, I completely agree with your perspective. I’ve always found Glenn Beck to be a thoughtful, principled conservative who is not afraid to admit when he is wrong. He has done wonderful work in bringing to light true history that the progressives have buried. In fact, it amazes me that many good, principled people who were considered conservative icons are now suddenly the devil incarnate to some of Trump’s fans, just because they dared to ask legitimate questions. “Angry mob”… “bully”… “thought police”… yes, those describe what is going on perfectly. The saddest part is that they don’t seem to “get it”—they have already driven thousands of people away from considering their candidate due to their angry attitude. This election should have been a shoo-in for Republicans. Now, not so much. As I did with McCain and Romney, I will again hold my nose and vote for yet another severely flawed Republican candidate, but Trump and his people better get a grip because I’ve talked to many people who were turned off by these tactics and won’t be won back.

  5. Beck supports homosexual marriage, just where in the Bible is that? I asked my Mormon neighbors down the street about Beck supporting homo marriage, they told me not to judge Mormons by Beck and the Mormon church does not support homo marriage.
    So, based on that how is Beck so principled… pot calling the kettle black