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Judge shows Blagojevich no leniency; 14 yr sentence to continue until 2024




CHICAGO – U.S. District Judge James Zagel denied former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich a request to shorten his 14 year federal prison sentence Tuesday.  The Tribune reports:

The decision, which means Blagojevich, 59, will remain behind bars until 2024, appeared to stun the ex-governor, who was looking on by closed-circuit television from a federal prison in Colorado. As the hearing came to an end, Blagojevich, dressed in blue prison garb and with his famously jet-black hair now snow white, shook his head and brushed his mouth with his hand as he collapsed back into his seat, saying something inaudible.

Inside Zagel's 25th-floor courtroom, both of Blagojevich's daughters burst into tears when they realized their father's sentence had remained the same. Blagojevich, who could apparently hear the sobbing but could not see his family because the camera was still trained on the judge's bench, stood for a moment, then grabbed a brown file folder and walked off-screen.

As family members tried to console her, Blagojevich's older daughter, Amy, cried out, "He stole my childhood!" and gestured toward the bench that Zagel had left moments earlier.

Later, in the lobby of the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse, Blagojevich's wife, Patti, told reporters, "Quite frankly, I'm dumbfounded and flabbergasted" that the judge showed no leniency.

The rest of the Tribune's account is HERE.


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  1. Gotta keep him shut up. That’s what this really was all about. Notice that Fitzgerald got no big fish? Notice that Rezko is never seen much anymore? Say, how come Fitzgerald indicted BEFORE anybody else got implicated, possibly some unnamed higher profile officeholder? Ask Scooter Libby what he thinks. We got stuck with Pat Quinn and the biggest tax increase in state history.

  2. Joe, I assume you mean “shut up” as in a prison cell.
    Big-mouth Blago could never “shut up,” if you mean vocally.
    That’s what got him “shut up” in that cell!
    The guy is a sociopath. I am surprised he kept his big mouth shut in this hearing. No matter what the claims in this hearing were, I’ll bet he STILL believes he did nothing wrong, because HE did it.

  3. Joe I absolutely agree, and have been saying this for years now.
    There is a reason that Fitzgerald moved in when he did, before having (enough) evidence on the bigger fish.
    Blago’s (and his wife’s) big mouths put him away, and to think: of he DIDNT have a big mouth – and could’ve been trusted by the rest of the crooks – he would’ve been walking amongst us this entire time.
    And then what would Rahm’s job in ‘the crew’ have been then?
    Not to fear Rod, your pardon is signed and forthcoming.
    Just hang in there a few more weeks ……..