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Media blames Trump for possible Dold defeat



679792_506864499331959_691865590_oCHICAGO – Politico is already writing the political eulogy for Republican Congressman Bob Dold in the on-again, off-again 10th Congressional seat in Illinois. According to a new Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) memo, Clinton is posting double-digit leads in several vulnerable Republican districts including Dold.

The memo, which comes 90 days out from the election, says that Democrats intend to hitch their House opponents to Trump at every turn and misstep, including his suggestion Tuesday that “Second Amendment people” might stop Clinton if she’s elected.



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  1. I’m fully convinced that 1 dozen fewer House Republicans will make the House even better and 2 dozen fewer will make it great. The truth is, Paul Ryan is freaked out that all of these RINOs won’t be there to screw things up like they have.

  2. Hahaha!
    Dold and Kirk will blame Trump for their underwhelming performances – too rich!
    Too bad the Black Lives Matter idiots can’t seem to find their way up to the north shore and offer a little enlightenment to Mr Dold and Ms Kirk.

  3. I would tend to agree, except that I completely anticipate district lines being re-drawn the next opportunity the Dems have to divide Dold’s district between Rogers Park/West Ridge/Evanston and North Chicago/Waukegan.
    Or something like that, to diminish whatever Republican – or Conservative (not the same thing anymore AT ALL) vote may still be around.

  4. I am going to blame much of this November’s landslide Republican destruction on Donald Trump. His utterly disastrous non-campaign will be responsible for the losses of many GOP state legislative majorities, because so many people will stay home rather than face a ticket headed by that buffoon.
    But Bob Dold?
    No, Bob Dold campaigned as a reasonable moderate small businessman and he has turned out to be an utterly destructive leftist on issue after issue.
    When he is obliterated at the polls, he won’t be able to blame anyone but himself.

  5. The next time the Dems get to do that will be 2021 for the 2022 contest unless they try to do it early like the GOP did in TX in the 2000s. I’ve been analyzing Senate races and it is amazing how much the difference in raw vote totals there is between Pres and off-year elections. In a very close district like the 10th, that itself makes all the difference.

  6. My name is Joe Kopsick, I am a write-in candidate in the race for Dold’s seat, the only candidate besides Dold and Schneider. If Trump contributes to a loss by Dold, it will only be because so many people are voting straight Republican and straight Democrat, instead of informing themselves about the issues and candidates, and learning who will be on the ballot, and who the write-in candidates are. I hope 10th District voters will see that both parties are responsible for the mess we are in, both have contributed to undermining the Constitution and growing the federal government, and that the kind of moderation that Dold, Schneider, Trump, and Clinton alike are offering have only served to make it more difficult for true conservatives, true progressives, and libertarians to see their ideas and policies tested.