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Most churchgoers are hearing politics from the pulpit: report




By Emily McFarlan Miller –

WASHINGTON - Most American churchgoers are hearing politics from the pulpits of their churches during this presidential election season, according to a new survey.

Nearly two-thirds of the respondents (64 percent) in the survey released Monday (Aug. 8) by the Pew Research Center say their clergy have spoken about at least one political or social issue in the spring and early summer.

And 14 percent said their pastors even have spoken about a specific presidential candidate. That’s even though churches can be stripped of tax-exempt status for endorsing or opposing a candidate under the Johnson Amendment, which both Donald Trump and the Republican Party platform have said they want to repeal.

But more than three-quarters of all recent churchgoers say the political talk happens “only sometimes, rarely or never,”

Most often, that comes in the form of remarks on political or social issues, according to Pew.

Hot topics included religious liberty and homosexuality, with about 40 percent of recent churchgoers saying they’d heard about either one of those two topics. That was followed by abortion (29 percent) and immigration (27 percent) and, less frequently, environmental issues (22 percent) and economic inequality (18 percent).

Read the rest at Religion News Service.


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  1. The Johnson amendment violated the 1st amendment and is NO law at all!
    Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise thereof;..
    The power to tax is the power to destroy; the very reason why churches and those tithing to churches don’t have to pay taxes on their tithing.
    Church goers should be hearing about politics at church, all issues that are contrary to the Bible is fair game and should be talked about! Plus there is this thing called Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech!

  2. My wife, Nicole, tried to post this, and she had a site problem, with her phone:
    “As a Centrist pastor who is more concerned about caring for my congregation to come to Christ, nurture their faith formation…. I am vehemently against preaching any kind of politics from my pulpit. Politics are the enemy of faith and of the Gospel!” – Rev. Nicole A.M. Collins, Lutheran Orthodox Church F.O.D.M.

  3. Several white Protestant denominations most likely won’t say anything “political” because they lost their spines and guts when the Gay Rights movement got hold of them.
    Live Free or Die also speaks for me on this issue. It is the responsibility of churches to work and, if needed, FIGHT for an honest and moral society, and that includes political involvement, if necessary.

  4. I guess we can assume you don’t preach against abortion or homosexual marriage, they are political issues.
    Its no longer Christianity if you believe only what you like in the Bible, and reject what you don’t like, it’s not the God’s word you believe, but yourself.

  5. I was taught you can’t come to Christ when you are living in sin, like it or not there are political footballs in the Bible.
    You can’t rewrite the Bible or ignore parts you may not like to suit you. To be a true Christian you must live Biblically and you must have faithful obedience to God’s word.
    I seem to remember Christ saying “now go and sin no more”
    As a Christian, I think it is the duty of my church’s pastor to say you shouldn’t support this political candidate because he/she supports abortion, homosexual marriage, is anti-Israel, etc…

  6. gee I dunno did you ever go into one? not afro-american. its African American.
    Any church black,white, yellow, pink with polka dots that is proven to be involved in politics needs to have tax exemption REVOKED. Tax exemption has a price. Its not free. Keep ALL Religions out of our politics.
    PS. any of you posting here that support Donald Trump have zero religious beliefs or your just flat out hypocrites. Any of your opinions are invalid because your support of Beezlebub makes you incompetent like he is. You all can vote for the vile demon sure.. but don’t go claiming how moral and upstanding you are while doing it. Please spare the bs.

  7. When you said, “African-American,” I hope you were referring to people who were born in Africa. About 2/3 of Blacks, I know, dislike being called African-Americans. They know that, since a definition of “African” is “a resident of Africa,” an African-American must be anyone who was born in Africa, immigrated to the U.S., and became an American citizen. This definition includes a few races, so it’s not possible to look at a person’s skin color and determine whether he or she is an African-American.

  8. they they they they….they they..
    those they’s are mostly the decedents of slaves….
    they don’t need your approval or your understanding. They are american citizens first. So next time you here someone proudly exclaim their Italian heritage or Polish Heritage or German Heritage think back on how the THEY are really not that different than those folks.

  9. There are political issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, etc that pastors must mention. I was raised in a church where the Pastor told the congregation that they should not vote for politicians who hold positions contrary to the Bible. And I thank God for that Pastor! I remember when politicians stood in front of the congregation to ask for our support and told what they stood for.
    The country has gone downhill ever since the Johnson amendment made cowards out of allot of pastors!