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New Illinois Law Mandates Cop Interaction Course for New Drivers



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SPRINGFIELD, IL – With radical groups such as Black Lives Matter increasingly accusing police of brutality, Illinois politicians have decided to create some self-serving PR by putting on the books yet another law. This one requires that all new drivers be taught (by a taxpayer-funded and government licensed bureaucrat) how to "communicate with police officers when they're pulled over."

It’s “preventing teens from panicking when being pulled over, and also from doing anything that may seem like a red flag to police,” argues Governor Bruce Rauner.

“My hope is that if we uniformly require that driver’s education include the protocol and what is expected when you interact with a police officer that things will not escalate,” said Democrat State Senator Julie Morrison.


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  1. What the hell are you talking about?
    There isn’t any ‘training’ necessary at all.
    Here it is, new drivers, this is all there is to it:
    “Hello officer, what do I need to do?”
    And then follow instructions.
    Don’t act like an ass and you won’t get shot – it’s that easy!!!

  2. Well let see four kids all straight A’s, no drugs alcohol, smoking, teachers, relatives, other parents have nothing but positive things to say about our kids yeah I feel really good about the influence we have had on our kids.
    A lot of the time spent in drivers ed is trying to fill time to meet the required instruction time needed what exactly is wrong with making sure kids no how to react when pulled over?

  3. Don’t act like an ass and you won’t get shot – it’s that easy!!! You need to move to Russia comrade. They think like you do.
    I’m sorry but the police need lesson on how to not shoot people for eye rolling…..

  4. Another waste of taxpayer money to accomplish what parents and driver’s education instructors could and should be doing. I guess common sense and personal responsibility has gone out the window. If you are unable to deal with stressful situations you should NOT be granted a driver’s license. Even Illinois law states that driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.

  5. Why don’t you just tell them how to react when pulled over?
    Your kids sound very intelligent, I’m sure they will get it.
    Unless, of course, you’ve bought into the BLM BS and you’ve told them already that they may get shot just for getting pulled over …..

  6. Sounds like you’ve had a few run-ins with the peace keepers.
    Well so have I, and I’ve never gotten shot.
    Don’t act like an ass, and you won’t get shot.
    The police want to go home and see their families at the end of the day too.
    If they have to shoot someone in order to see their families they will do it – and I think that’s just fine.
    Its up to you to not give them a reason to……

  7. I don’t need to move anywhere, as I’ve never been – not do I fear ever being – shot by the po-po.
    You, on the other hand, should probably move to your ‘land of Shangri la and kumbaya’ where every special little safe space needing snowflake lives happily ever after with the BLM and the Cartel and ISIS and ………

  8. and penalty of death if you can’t handle the stress and executed immediately? .. because that’s whats happening whether anybody who admits it or not. Some very very under trained cops out there.
    Police accountability would be very helpful too.

  9. Can’t say I have bought into the BLM. My thoughts are that when kids hear the same good advice from multiple people that it will sink in better. My read of the story that may be incorrect is that a drivers ed student currently going thru a course would have a section added on how to act when being pulled over. Sure I show my kids how to drive thru example and the 50 mandated hours of driving time I have with them but I also assume that the drivers ed teacher we shell out good money to is also providing additional advice. Who knows maybe a thing or two that I never thought of.
    My instinct if pulled over would be to grab for my wallet or go to the glove box for the registration but it probably makes more sense to just hang out until the officer tells me what he would like me to do. What would you do and what would you tell your kids to do. Better yet what would the police suggest we do?

  10. From what I see online about this it isn’t a separate course but just an additional part added to the current drivers ed course work.
    If anyone out there has kids that have recently gone thru drivers ed you probably know that there is much more required class time than content so I really don’t understand the problem with spending some of that time on teaching kids how to interact with cops. So what if it is something that 80% of the kids out there have learned from good parenting if it brings the other 20% up to speed isn’t that a good thing?