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Terror Dad Photobombs Clinton




Remember when the Leftmedia called on Donald Trump to disavow David Duke? The way the media had a fit, one would have thought Trump had just joined the KKK. Well, now an interesting story has emerged out of Florida. On Monday, Hillary Clinton was in the Orlando suburb of Kissimmee speaking at a campaign rally when the cameras happened to catch someone in the audience. That someone was Seddique Mateen, the father of terrorist Omar Mateen, who just a couple of months ago murdered 50 people in the Pulse night club in Orlando.

After the rally later that evening, a local news crew ran into Mateen at a rest stop as he was traveling back down to West Palm Beach. They asked to interview him, and he happily obliged. He praised Clinton, who he called "good for [the] United States versus Donald Trump who has no solutions." He also held up a sign he had made for Clinton that listed his reasons for supporting Hillary — ironically one of which was her stance on gun-control.

It remains to be seen, but it is almost a guarantee that there will be no calls from the sycophantic Leftmedia for Clinton to publicly disavow his support. In fact, she probably won't even be questioned about it. For the Left, such negative Democrat affiliations just don't really matter. Now if Mateen had supported Trump, it's all we'd hear about for the next three months. Not only Trump but every Republican would be forced to answer for Mateen. Quite the double standard.

h/t: Patriot Post


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  1. wrong…. you never answered the Question. Has Trump disavowed Putin, Kin Jung, the KKK, David Duke endorsements? Thats just to name a few scumbags who have endorsed him. Why does he accept endorsements from scum like this?