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Kirk, Dold, Radogno stand with leftist groups in support of illegal immigration



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CHICAGO – U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R) together with U.S. Congressman Bob Dold (R) and Illinois State Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R) participated in a panel today for illegal immigration liberalization. The panel was hosted by the left-wing Illinois Business Immigration Coalition (IBIC) and FWD.us, an advocacy organization started by wealthy Democrat businessmen Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Reid Hoffman.

Calling illegal immigration "the American Dream," Kirk argued that that it "unlocks human potential faster and better than any other," and that he is "committed to working across the aisle to reform our immigration policies and unlock the full potential of the men and women in our state who will build businesses and boost the Illinois economy.”

“Every day that Congress fails to act on immigration reform, families … are forced to continue living in fear of being torn apart,” Rep. Dold said.


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  1. No one, who agrees with the republican platform, should vote for Sen. Kirk. I’ll vote for Chad Koppie, of the Constitution Party. He says that Congress should pay for a brick wall, along the Mexican border, and increase the fines and jail sentences for employers, who hire illegal aliens. When illegals can’t find jobs, more of them will leave the U.S. If any money is collected, from the fines, it will be used to hire border patrol agents.

  2. I understand where you’re coming from, but as a Conservative I cannot bring myself to vote for Duckworth.
    She’s a rubber stamp for Obama/Reid/Pelosi, and I truly detest each of those sub-humans.
    Do I will not vote for any candidate in that race, and will happily watch Kirk be retired so he can commit all his time to his upcoming gay marriage with Pat Brady.
    Best of luck to the bride and bride.

  3. Why U.S. senator stand with Leftist group for support of illegal immigrants?
    U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, Bob Dold and Christine Radgno were participated in a panel for illegal immigrants’ liberalization, the panel was conducted by left-wing Illionois Business Immigration Coalition.
    Kirk, argued that calling the illegal immigration were American Dream, because it unlocks the human potential faster and better than any other it will build business and boost the U.S. economy.
    A day-to-day life, the U.S. Government fails to act on reforming the immigration policies are force the immigrants to continue living in the fear of being torn their life.

  4. By definition illegal IS illegal. If they came here by breaking our laws, they are illegal and must be held accountable. As far as conservative voting goes, we MUST vote for Kirk. If we lose the Senate, there is no chance of a conservative Justice, even if Trump is elected. As far as Dold, who can possibly care about him being elected except Dold himself. He ranks with the Democrats in his voting, has lied, changed positions on issues such as Obama Care, held job fairs with Democrats, and will continue to bash Republicans for personal gain. There is little voting difference between Dold and Schneider so why should I vote for a representative that will bash us from our side?

  5. No conservative should consider voting for Kirk. During most of the time that he’s been in Congress (including the Senate and House), his rating from Planned Parenthood have usually been 100%, and his ratings from Gun Owners of America have usually been 0%. He frequently votes for unconstitutional pork barrel spending.