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Would Trump continue President Carter’s immigration policy?




WASHINGTON DC – Political commentator Gary Bauer exposes an interesting problem with the mainstream media's position regarding Donald Trump and Khizr Kahn, writing:

"[Khizr] Khan's suggestion that it is unconstitutional to limit immigration based on religion may be taken for granted by the left and most journalists, but it's incorrect.

The response often heard last week in the wake of the speech was that the Constitution says religious tests are not permissible. The religious tests provision appears in Article VI of the Constitution. It states that no officeholder or government employee can be required to adhere to a particular religion. That provision has been misinterpreted in several ways, including to suggest that a voter may not take religion into account when choosing whom to vote for. But that's not what the article says. It says that the government cannot take religion into account, but voters certainly can.

More to the point, the provision says nothing about whether lawmakers can take religion into account when deciding who may enter the country. For example, during the Iranian hostage crisis, the U.S. banned Iranians from entering the country unless they opposed the Shiite Islamist regime. Who issued the order? Oh yeah, it was that radical right-wing demagogue Jimmy Carter. It is amazing that liberals now seem so concerned with the Constitution, a document they have long dismissed. … It is also amazing how much of the left's strategy is based on distorting the Constitution. Sadly, they know they can get away with it because so few Americans are familiar with what the Constitution actually says."

h/t: Patriot Post


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  1. Khan lecturing people like me on the Constitution was absolutely disgusting. He was obviously a shill to get the Moslems to vote for Clinton. By the way Obama got 85% of the Moslem vote in 2012 and Romney got 4%- so the deck is already stacked and that is the reason Democrats want to flood the country with more Moslems.
    Yea, good ole milquetoast Romney did not do that well.
    Personally I am not against Moslems immigrating t this country. If they have a unique skill the nation needs and they can be carefully vetted. And that is the same standard I would impose for all immigrants and not just Moslems. Of course, almost no immigrants are carefully vetted because with over a million coming here each year it is an impossible task.
    But Trump is failing miserably on an issue that he should win easily. Thin skinned, no thoughtful response and just bombastic. He should have kept his big mouth shut and had operatives go out carefully but forcefully destroy Khan.
    If he does not stop this he will lose.

  2. Just can’t let this go… the Kahn family are American citizens. There son gave his life for this country. done.
    stop attacking the Kahn’s you are showing the world just what hypocrites you are.
    Why do you support a man who found the time to memorize Mein Kamph and a man who has volumes of speeches by Hitler in his bedroom.. yet this man has absolutely no understanding of our constitution? no he’s never read it. That was the point.
    Trumps want ALL muslims registered… ALL including AMERICAN CITIZENS. Including patriot like this family. THAT WAS THE POINT.

  3. you should drop this. cause you are adding dead weight your man. Of course his mouth can not be controlled. And he little hurt feelings make him hold onto this when he should be campaigning against Clinton.
    “Indeed, in a result that should surprise no one, the Fox News poll finds that Trump’s attacks on the Khans are wildly unpopular. Sixty-five percent of respondents were at least somewhat familiar with the controversy, and of them, 69 percent said Trump’s statements were “out of bounds” and a mere 19 percent said they were “in bounds.”