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No suspects charged in four out of five Chicago homicides



CHICAGO – Nine days into September 2016, 18 in Chicago neighborhoods were shot and killed, 82 shot and wounded, bringing the numbers of those shot thus far this month up to 100. 

Thus far in 2016, 465 Chicagoans have been shot and killed and 2535 shot and wounded.

Not only did Chicago neighborhood violence cost hundreds of lives, the average medical cost of a shooting is $55,000 – not including the costs of rehabilitation and healing. 

And who are the culprits? Are those directly affected working with law enforcement to find the criminals and nip this behavior in the bud? In fact, in only one out of five of the shooting cases has a suspect been charged, according to HeyJackass.com's up-to-date stats:

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 7.34.49 AM


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