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Former York Township GOP Committeeman publicly abandons Mark Kirk




ELMHURST – Immediately after Donald Trump became the Republican Party's presidential nominee, Chris Ladd resigned from his position as York Township GOP Committeeman and the Republican Party and made his reasoning public.

Tuesday, Ladd publicly blasted the state's incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk in Forbes.com because Ladd sees Senator Kirk as "a bitter disappointment, slipping into the timid habits of the party’s other moderates." Now, Ladd predicts, Illinois voters are about to bring him home. 

Ladd's condemnation of Kirk isn't because Kirk is too liberal. In the 30 year Republican's eyes, Kirk isn't liberal enough. 

In July's resignation letter, Ladd criticized the Republican Party for "the Iraq War, the financial meltdown, the utter failure of supply-side theory, climate denial, and its strange pursuit of theocratic legislation."

Yet, Ladd wrote, it seemed that "America’s party of commerce, trade, and pragmatism might still have time to sober up."

"Remaining engaged in the party implied a contribution to that renaissance, an investment in hope. Donald Trump has put an end to that hope," Ladd said.

His disgust with Kirk is from the opposite end of the spectrum. Kirk didn't work to stop Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul's filibusters.

And Kirk is two-faced, Ladd said in the Forbes' piece:

Speaking to audiences in Illinois, Kirk has been proud to support immigration reform. In Washington, silence. In Illinois, Kirk has claimed to embrace scientists’ positions on climate change. In Washington when he could have taken a stand that mattered, he blinked.

Facing friendly audiences in Illinois Kirk admits to being pro-choice. When he gets to Washington his pro-choice credentials are hidden in some obscure Senate closet, only taken out be used on votes with no consequence. Kirk has refused to support Donald Trump, but like almost every other prominent Republican he has done so quietly and ineffectively, in a manner calculated to deliver the weakest impact. On issue after issue, Kirk lines up with Illinois voters until he leaves the state. In the face of opposition from other Republicans in Washington, Kirk takes the safe route.

Ladd closes his argument taken to the national stage with these words: 

Until someone in the Republican Party is willing to take a visible, courageous stand for sanity in the style of John McCain circa 2000, there is no reason to keep electing them. Any vote for a supposedly “sane” or “reasonable” Republican unwilling to confront the party’s extremes is a vote for those extremes. Electing Mark Kirk is a mistake Illinois voters are unlikely to repeat.

Apparently, Illinoisans are beginning to agree with the left-leaning Ladd and the most conservative Republicans about Kirk. Latest polls show Democrat Tammy Duckworth leading Kirk by six points.



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  1. Apparently Mr. Ladd is nearing his political home – the Democrat Party. There he will find like-minded pro-abortionists, climate change fanatics, illegal immigration provacateurs and other anti-Americans.
    The shame is that he had influence for anytime whatsoever in the Illinois Republican Party. He didn’t belong – so sad no one held him accountable.
    Frankly, I feel the same about Mark Kirk. It’s time he leave the IL GOP, too – but because he totally ignores the party platform and disrespects the party base.

  2. Isn’t this the Republican committeeman who hasn’t voted for a Republican in two decades because the party’s NOT liberal? I think Huffingtonpaste used him to trash Republicans earlier this year. Like, if you’re going to get a Republican who has had to leave their cherished little country club, get somebody who’s actually been Republican not a phony faux like this guy or Lincoln Chafee or Arnie Carlson. The point is you’ve got nobody who’s been Republican for the last decade who will trash Republicans. NOBODY.

  3. Oh, he hasn’t. You don’t have to worry about that. This was all a put-on. The whole time he’s been Democrat. This was just his country club. A status thing. It has now become unfashionable to be Republican and fashionable to be Democrat. Times change. I’m very happy to be Republican right now. Good riddance, Chris. Take the rest of your ilk with you, hopefully.

  4. During most of the time that Kirk was in the U.S. House, his ratings from Planned Parenthood were usually 100%, and his ratings from Gun Owners of America were usually 0%. Last year, Kirk said that our government should give amnesty to illegal aliens. If that’s a conservative, I wonder what a liberal’s views would be, according to Mr. Ladd.

  5. This announcement from Mr Ladd would be a lot more impressive if he hadn’t already demonstrated that he’s abandoned the Republican party, the conservative movement, American history and law, the Founding Fathers, and all common sense and reason.
    Mr Ladd has clearly been faking being a Republican for many years now, if not for his entire life. Why should anyone care what the fool has to say about anything?