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Netanyahu: “Israel has national pride. We do not turn the other cheek”



NEW YORK – With President Barack Obama's direction, last Friday the United States departed from its long-held position of vetoing a United Nations resolution that condemned Israel's settlements. The action outraged lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Prime Minister Netanyahu strongly condemned the United Nations resolution and expressed disappointment that the United States abandoned its previous support. Monday he said "Israel has national pride. We do not turn the other cheek."

He suggested over the weekend that Israel may consider pulling out of the U.N.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz called for the United States to suspend financial contributions to the international organization until it reverses its position on the matter.

Monday in Israel, the Prime Minister reconfirmed his frustration on his Facebook page:


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  1. Barack Hussein Obama outed himself as an America-hating Muslim by his actions. Many of us already knew what an evil POS traitor he was, but now his own clueless party is finally figuring it out. He just destroyed his credibility and any positive legacy in one fell swoop.

  2. Obama’s eight-year regime has been ONE BIG LIE from Day One. And it’s been a lie in every category, from his hidden past, to his betrayal of our allies.
    My bet is we will learn it all, once he is out of office.