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Lincoln and Reagan’s Bibles to be vowed upon by Trump and Pence




WASHINGTON DC – Besides the Bible his mother gave him when he was nine years old, President-Elect Donald Trump will take his presidential vow on the same Bible Abraham Lincoln swore upon in 1861. 

President Barack Obama sworn upon the same Bible both in 2009 and 2013. 

The Trumps held a concert at the Lincoln Memorial Thursday night, and at the conclusion, he and his family stood at the feet of the statute of Lincoln. 


Vice President-elect Mike Pence will be the first vice-president to swear in on his ideological predecessor President Ronald Reagan's well-worn Bible. Pence said he also will swear on his own Bible that he reads every day.

Pence has said that he credits Reagan for his conversion to the Republican Party after growing up in a Democratic family, and he emulates Reagan’s optimistic rhetoric, RollCall.com reported.

The 40th president was sworn in twice as president and twice as governor of California on the Bible, which belonged to his mother.

“You can see in the margins of the Bible where she penciled in various comments that she had, same with comments from the president,” he said.


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