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Outgoing House Democrat spills his guts about Speaker Madigan




SPRINGFIELD – It takes losing a job for some people to spill their guts about their bosses, and that may be the case of outgoing State Rep. Mike Smiddy (D-Hillsdale), who told a Quad City television station this week just what he thinks of House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Smiddy said Madigan has "outlived his usefulness in Springfield." 

The video of the News 8 interview is no longer posted on the station's website, but a major part of interview content remains. 

[Smiddy] says Madigan's control of the House stops any major legislative reforms like overhauling the way the state redistricts political boundaries.

"As long as you have the Speaker controlling what gets out of the rules (committee) for legislation, I don't see it coming anywhere close to hitting the floor."

And as for term limits, forget about it.

"It's not about getting rid of your local legislator," Smiddy believes.

"It's all geared toward getting rid of Madigan and in some respects I don't think that's a bad idea.  I think he's kinda outlived his usefulness in Springfield."

For the most part, Illinois Democrats in the State House are tightly controlled by House Speaker Mike Madigan – who, as the chairman of the state's Democrat Party holds tight reins on who gets campaign help. 

Smiddy must have determined he's done with politics in Illinois after four years in the Illinois House. He can be sure that he'll never return to state politics as long as Speaker Madigan remains in power.

Savanna Mayor Tony McCombie, his Republican challenger, will be sworn into office later this month.  The Illinois Republican Party grabbed the now-missing video and posted on their YouTube page:  


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  1. Atta boy, Smiddy! It only took for you to get kicked out of your cozy part-time job to get the necessary guts to “speak the truth” you gutless wonder. “Every elected Democrat in the House” is a blatant gutless wonder so maybe I shouldn’t just be picking on old Smiddy. At least he “finally” spoke up about the truth of what happens down in Springfield with Madigan. That is better than those remaining Democrat sheep that were elected to serve down in Springfield.
    Eventually the body count in Chicago will reach the point where black voters will say “Enough!”. Then and only then will the black genocide be stopped in Chicago. If the black church leaders would band together and speak out it would be a start. They need to unite around a mayoral candidate (whether Republican or Democrat)that can truly be independent and serve the people. I would suggest Dan Proft for running for Mayor in the next election against Tiny Dancer. I believe Dan Proft would have the black church ministers respect. Dan would also command the respect of the white and Hispanic voters. I believe Dan could be talked into running for Chicago Mayor for just one term in order to save the City of Chicago and it’s residents.

  2. If you want to see how Proft might govern, check no further than the town of Cicero. Google “larry dominick cicero” and discover one of the most corrupt town presidents in the Chicagoland area. Proft was Dominick’s campaign manager.
    Also, Google “proft cicero” and see how Proft enriched himself at the expense of Cicero taxpayers to the tune of several million dollars of no-bid public relations contracts from Cicero.,/b>
    Don’t be fooled, Proft talks a good game on his radio show but his political resume says something completely different.

  3. Don’t forget Proft’s other “sugar daddy” is Dick Uihlein of the Uline company. He largely financed Proft’s spectacularly failed bid for Governor in the 2010 Republican primary and contributes heavily to Proft’s Liberty Principles PAC. And Uihlein’s sponsorship money is the main reason Proft and Joe Walsh have radio shows on WIND-AM.