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They’re back: DCCC, Bob Creamer push anti-Roskam and -Davis protests in Illinois



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WASHINGTON – Republican members of Congress that represent districts where Hillary Clinton won in 2016 now are being targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In Illinois, the DCCC has honed in on Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) and downstate Congressman Rodney Davis (IL-13), who have both suddenly been besieged by a growing number of angry protesters.

Roskam was first met at his office with angry protesters, then at a Republican township meeting in Palatine last Saturday.

Tuesday, Crain's political writer Greg Hinz fueled the fracas, demanding Roskam meet with protesters to the DCCC's delight. Hinz wrote that he'd been given a heads up about Roskam avoiding 400 protesters outside the Palatine GOP office by – guess who – Leftist activist Bob Creamer:

Such protests are not exactly spontaneous rallies. After this weekend's meeting—the one Roskam slipped out of—I heard from Citizen Action Illinois, a left-of-center lobbying and organizing group, and Bob Creamer, a top Democratic National Committee operative and the husband of Democratic U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, whose district is a few miles northeast of Roskam's. Both wanted to make sure I'd heard about the congressman running away.

Beyond that, national Democrats have already targeted the race for 2018, realizing that, while Roskam has won solidly there, Trump lost the district in November to Hillary Clinton.

All that, however, is one more reason for Roskam to suck it up and show up.

Yes, THE Bob Creamer… the one that admitted on video tape to Project Veritas that he was involved in setting up the protests that shut down Donald Trump's visit to Chicago. THAT Bob Creamer that was forced to "step back" from his campaign shenanigans after Project Veritas' video went viral. 

Roskam's office says the effort isn't the first time they've been targeted by the DCCC.

"Peter is no stranger to the DCCC," Spokesman David Pasch told Illinois Review. "He's focused on representing the people of the western and northwestern suburbs in Washington, not the other way around."

The DCCC announced earlier this week that more of these protests will be going on under the campaign they're calling "March into '18." 

“The launch of our ‘March into ‘18’ accountability project comes at a time of excitement and opportunity for Democrats. The organic strength of the women’s marches, Affordable Care Act rallies, and protests can already be felt in Illinois’ 6th District, and this unprecedented DCCC investment will help capture that energy, engage voters and help make their voices heard," the press release said.

"In order to harness the existing grassroots energy in Illinois’ 6th District, the DCCC will hire a full-time, local organizing staffer and launch digital ads in in order to help constituents organize and promote local accountability events."

And the same consternation is expected to happen in Davis' downstate district. 

Wednesday, the DCCC pointed out media cooperation in Illinois' 6th and 13th Districts, along with other stories about Republican Congress members they're challenging in the "March into 18" effort from Arizona to New York.

"The backlash is growing stronger and the protests are getting louder," the DCCC wrote. "Upset with Republican plans to gut the Affordable Care Act and implement President Trump’s dangerous agenda, constituents from across the country are demanding in-person town halls to express their concerns. Instead of answering their constituents’ questions, House Republicans are ducking and hiding. It’s February 8, 2017: Do you know where your Republican member of Congress is?"

More to come …


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  1. These ambushes are taking place across the nation. And WHERE is the GOP?! Crickets from them! The minute this began, they should have been issuing press releases, videos on Facebook, Using Twitter, and holding press conferences showing REAL PEOPLE who have been terribly hurt by Obamacare! There are plenty of those people out here. Yes, the campaign for 2018 has begun, and the GOP is being stupid again, slow-walking the repeal of Obamacare and in doing so, giving the Left a huge club to pulverize Republicans with for the next 2 years. Republicans, repeal it FAST and get it over with! Like a bandaid on a child, pull it off quickly and get the yelp over with, so it can be quickly forgotten. Sen. Rand Paul has an excellent plan which quickly moves the free market in to solve the issues which led to Obamacare in the first place. The next election is going to be a Marxists tsunami if they let this fester.

  2. There is currently a formal request for a FBI investigation into Robert Creamer for this type of activity and possibly inciting a riot at a Trump rally in Chicago in March of 2016. The FBI usually does not comment on an ongoing investigation so hard to find out details.
    Perhaps with a new justice department as soon as tomorrow, investigations might heat up.

  3. The protest at Roskam’s appearance at the Palatine Township Republican Office was organized in a grass roots manner by Roskam’s constituents, not by any national organization. This article regurgitates the falsehood released by Roskam’s staff, who are trying to discredit the genuine efforts of many of Roskam’s constituents to get him to meet with us. All of us, regardless of party affiliation, should agree that Congressional Reps have an obligation to meet with constituents, not just those who agree with the rep’s personal views.

  4. Bob Creamer’s printed protest signs (frequently shown in undercover footage captured by Project Veritas) were evident in the rent a mob that sought to interrupt the political meeting held in Palatine.
    This was not a grass roots protest. It was an Astro Turf action with some attendees transported to Palatine or compensated for participating.
    More importantly, Congressman Roskam was addressing a meeting of the Palatine Township Republicans (a private political gathering). It was not a Congressional Town Hall open to the general public. As such, Roskam was under no obligation to meet with everyone outside of the meeting hall.

  5. The best “grass roots” money can buy. “DCCC will hire a full-time, local organizing staffer and launch digital ads in in order to help constituents organize and promote local accountability events.”

  6. I don’t expect the RINO’s in Washington to do much PR to combat Creamer’s efforts, at least not under the leadership of Brother Paul. I will be content if they would just do their regular job and follow the lead, being the accredited followers they are, of President Trump.
    Listening to Roskam the other day was encouraging. My takeaway was that the Trump train is firmly on the track and that the media is fomenting whatever mischief it can to create a false narrative (i.e. dissension, negative approval trends, ethical conflicts, etc.). Same strategy as the Hillary campaign which proved ineffective.
    I think Mark is correct in that the best way to clean up the other side as well as those Republicans contemplating dual careers in Congress and crime (i.e. Hastert, Schock) is via law enforcement. We now have a straight shooter in Sessions. I’m confident he will right the ship, allowing those agents and prosecutors who have had to suppress their ethical dissonance to, once again, reclaim their virtuous role.

  7. The republicans better produce good legislation, like a complete repeal of Obamacare. We have been out here engaging people in the conservative way, but if the republicans don’t produce, or produce democrat-lite legislation, we loose the the voters and will see a slow shift back to democrat control.

  8. What proof do you have that people were transported in to Palatine and/or compensated for participating? I’m asking for two reasons:
    1) I can find no proof of this happening other than connecting the DCCC said they were adding efforts to unseat Roskam being timed to the protest. While the timing matches up, correlation doesn’t equal causation.
    2) I was at the protest and engaged in its organization. If there was any assistance outside of the three local grassroots organizations that reside in the 6th district that help organize the protest, I can personally guarantee that no one at the protest knew about it.
    Also, it very clearly states on the Palatine Republicans’ website that all monthly meetings are open to the public. The meeting that Roskam spoke at was listed as public until it became known that he was the speaker. When it flip-flops from public to private for no other reason than the speaker, it gives the appearance that Roskam is only willing to speak to some of his district and hiding from the rest.
    The Palatine GOP is completely entitled to making their meetings just for the members but, again, they are very clear that their meetings are open to the public. Also, after personally speaking to Palatine GOP members, they were very welcoming about having guests at future meetings. If the meeting Roskam spoke at remained public and people attended the meeting with the goal of being disruptive, it would be understandable that the Palatine GOP kick them out. If a meeting is advertised as public and guests do not behave in a peaceful manner, I 100% support removing them.
    This protest happened organically out of frustration. Roskam’s continued documented pattern of not doing anything the general public can attend or informing his district that he has public event is becoming a real sore spot for my fellow constituents in the 6th district regardless of policital leanings. Roskam took his lack of access from a point of disappointment to anger for his district.
    Will there be outside help and influence in the future? To be honest, I have no idea and no one is bothering to share that information with me. But, there wouldn’t even be the spectre of outside influence hanging over Roskam if he just made himself more available. Instead, he made himself a target.

  9. WHY do you think these protesters were actually
    Roskam’s “constituents?”
    WHAT is your evidence to support this?
    The signs they carry is evidence this was pre-planned, also as evidence of WHO is behind it.

  10. the faster it gets repealed, with nothing to replace it, the faster everyone realizes the GOP screwed us, have been screwing us, and will continue to screw us. They will soften corporate law, and tell you it’s for the worker. Then as you are being screwed (polluted drinking water, lower wages, even shittier insurance) they will continue to blame the last administration. As they strip away more of your personal freedoms to “make America great again” you’ll be able to blame some liberal. Or better yet, blame a muslim. I feel bad because you will defend them until they come for you too. Big govt is bad, but big business is by it’s very nature inhumane and corrupt.

  11. Carol Davis is right, the TEA Party – or Conservatives – do need to get out to Town Halls and show up on phone campaigns, etc. Look to see more of that in the Spring. Everyone is still battle weary and getting involved in crucial local battles for the Spring 2017 elections. I predict that the counter demonstrations will be creative as the Conservatives are much more prepared now for the battles.
    Also, look for these demonstrations to dissipate – The grassroots anger will subside as the job market opens up, tax breaks are provided and some of the health care issues are addressed. Also, Trump has targeted the inner cities which will which help quit a bit to deescalate the anger the far Left is trying to stoke. The paid provocateurs will also dissipate because Trump will arrest the rioters who have been getting away with anarchy under Obama. There really are not that many of them… willing to spend time in jail for $5000.

  12. So is your group planning to go to a Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky open forum to hold her feet to the fire?
    Oh, guess not.
    Because felon, Robert Creamer is her husband – and – one would guess, your paymaster.
    He was, after all, the leftist goon who was caught on videotape, saying that he had organized violent thugs to disrupt Trump rallies.
    But, f I were you, I wouldn’t rely on that Alinskyite-Creamer cash coming in for too long, because under the new Justice Department, he may be indicted again, under the RICO statutes.
    Do you really want to get a subpoena to testify?

  13. Every GOP organization in Roskam’s district needs to coordinate to block Creamer’s Soros-like manipulations and dirty tricks. If even one of these so-called “constituents” live in Roskam’s district, I’ll eat my Cubs cap…

  14. My question is is hello where is our state Republican party leadership while this is happening? Hey central committee DO YOUR JOBS! You should be defending your own. Why have you not spoken out against Creamer? I know our Central committee are liberal and the gop congressmen are conservative. Our state Republican leaders are worthless and need to step down if they are unable to fight back against the radical Democrat socialist.