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Illinois politics threatens child’s life



Photo Credit: KMOV

KMOV.com St. Louis is reporting on Kobe Williams whose life-giving oxygen machine may be taken from him because of Illinois politics.  - One mother says her son's facing death, all because the government isn't paying its bills.

Kobe's mother, Kenea Williams, works for the state of Illinois where she gets her insurance. However, because of the Democrat-controlled General Assembly's inability to work with the Republican Governor to successfully pass a budget, the state is now billions of dollars in debt to service provides.

The result is that Byrd-Watson, the company that supplies Kobe's oxygen machines, has not been paid and now wants their oxygen machine back.

“I just don't understand the state getting away with this, we are talking about an infant's life at jeopardy,” said Kenea.

“Are lawmakers aware that this is truly life or death for some people?” asked Investigative Reporter Lauren Trager. “They do,” said Kenea’s state representative, John Cavaletto (R).

“Right now we are suffering and I don't like for things like that to happen,” said Cavaletto, who told KMOV.com that he's open to a small tax increase to get a balanced budget.

“Something needs to be settled, before things get even worse,” Kenea said.



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