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McConchie on Gov’s 2017 budget speech: Rauner showed real leadership



Sen. McConchie

SPRINGFIELD - State Sen. Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) was encouraged by Governor Rauner's annual budget speech Wednesday.

“Today, Governor Rauner emphasized the need to balance the budget by cutting government spending and enacting spending reductions for the future. He made it clear to the General Assembly that any budget deal must be good for Illinois taxpayers as well as job creators.

McConchie said he was was encouraged by the Governor’s call to invest in the state's future by fully funding education, transforming the state’s pension system, and making structural changes to improve Illinois’ job climate.

“I believe Governor Rauner showed real leadership today and presented a clear plan to the General Assembly that benefits taxpayers and emphasizes the need for state government to live within its means. Under the Governor’s guidance and vision, Illinois can become a competitive state.”


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  1. The Illinois Policy Institute has a great plan on how this state can meet all its obligations and balance the budget without raising taxes. https://www.illinoispolicy.org/reports/budget-solutions-2018-balancing-the-state-budget-without-tax-hikes/ I would also add more asset sales (like the Tollway) to the Governor’s proposal to sell the Thompson Center. These sales could fund lump sums payments for pension obligations, saving the state budget and getting more votes from relieved state workers.
    If Rauner takes on the special interests like the Illinois Policy Institute proposes, they will certainly howl. But Governor Rauner must understand he can not “compromise” with legislative leaders that want the same tax and spend policies that defeated his 2014 opponent. He should instead be inspired by Governor Walker who, like Trump, never backed down despite ferocious opposition. Both proved media bias and union money can be beat using the Internet and grass roots organizing.