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Report: Illinoisans experiencing second-worst income growth in the nation



Since 2007, the average Illinoisan hasn’t even seen a full percentage point of personal income growth.

A study released last week by Pew Charitable Trusts shows that, since 2007, the average rate of personal income growth for all Illinois residents is .9 percent. That’s worst in the Midwest and second only to Nevada nationally.

Pew Analyst Barb Rosewicz said the main drivers for such slow growth have been a significant loss of high-paying manufacturing jobs and farmers’ ever-thinning profit margins.


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  1. This is mostly a direct result of administrations. West Virginia, plus Pennsylvania and Ohio have clearly been harmed by Obama’s war on coal, not to mention Southern Illinois. Manufacturers have been hurt, while Obama went far out of his way to do anything Silicon Valley and Hollywood demanded which spilled over into some of those other left coast/side states. Think TPP. That’s all reversed now. It’ll be interesting to see what this map looks like in 10 years.

  2. Illinois TRS pension recipients get 3% COLA every year. It is bankrupting the state. Now they want to raise income tax on those still working (with an average income growth of less than 1%) to keep those 3% for retirees coming. SOMETHING has to change!
    STOP PENSION COLA guarantees!

  3. Caused by the communist policies of the democrat controlled state legislature, they want to tell everyone how to run their business but they assume zero responsibility for harming Illinois workers.
    The overspending Illinois democrat controlled state legislature is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other. – yes, I borrowed that from Ronald Regan

  4. How fitting that Illinois is following Nevada’s lead to the bottom by desperately trying to tap into more vulnerable citizens pocketbooks by doubling the number of Illinois casinos, with the biggest in Chicago.
    Please, people, wake up. It’s almost too late.