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Senator Rezin: Budget solution will include things not everyone will like




PERU – In order to get a balanced budget, Illinois taxpayers should prepare to take their medicine, a Republican senator from north central Peru said after the governor's budget address Wednesday.

"The solution to a balanced budget will include things not everyone will like," warned State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Peru) in a statement issued after the 2017 budget address at the Capitol.

“I appreciated Gov. Rauner’s upbeat tone and optimism to solving the state’s budget problems,” State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Peru) said. “This attitude is what’s needed from everyone if we are going to move Illinois forward.

“Working together – in a civil and honest manner – is the vehicle needed that will get us to the right destination for the state, a true balanced budget. It’s important to note, due to the state’s dire financial situation and the fact we have a two party government, the reality is, the solution to a balanced budget will include things not everyone will like. I want to stress, however, we owe it to taxpayers that reforms and cuts must be the overwhelming aspects of any budget solution.

“Enough is enough. Every day we go without a balanced budget only makes things worse for taxpayers, our schools, and social service providers and kicks our problems down the road even further. The time is now to act.” 


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  1. I hope Sue Rezin has been reading North Cook News and South Cook News, which recently had articles on how “suffocating” property taxes have driven down the value of almost ALL homes in the Chicago area. I hope she isn’t suggesting that taxpayers should once again tighten their belts so that government workers don’t have to. There should be an across the board 10% cut in every governmental department as well as an indefinite property tax freeze.

  2. It’s attitudes like those of Senator Rezin that have people like me chomping at the bit to get out of Illinois. I will retire next year, and we are looking to move to a neighboring state. We’re just tired of the high taxes and dysfunctional government. Our only concern is trying to sell our house in a state where more people are leaving than coming in.

  3. Sue Rezin is simply being honest about the “deplorable” situation that Illinois finds itself in after decades of feckless leadership by Mike Madigan (and others). She is simply stating that if you live in a home where you have never bothered to spend money towards maintenance on the home, then when that day comes that rain drips down through your neglected roof into empty pots and pan that you have had to place around the floor of your living room—don’t expect the “Good Fairy” to appear and magically re-shingle your leaking roof for you. You live in the home that you allowed Madigan to neglect for many decades so either get your wallet out or be prepared to open an umbrella while you sit in your easy chair watching television. “Apathy” always comes with a high price tag attached to it. Senator Rezin is simply pointing out that fact. State Senator Sue Rezin is simply “an honest elected official” and not a magician nor a “Good Fairy”. She doesn’t believe in telling people “whatever they want to hear” in order to keep getting re-elected. She is “the exception” and “not the rule” down in Springfield because she always “tells it like it is” to the voters in Illinois. We need more individuals like Sue Rezin down in Springfield.