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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Trump: Fake News is the American people’s enemy



WASHINGTON DC – President Donald Trump isn't letting up on expressing his frustration with the mainstream news media. 

Friday afternoon he Tweeted that the Fake News media is the enemy of the American people:

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 4.01.43 PM


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  1. The journalist conspiracy is ongoing. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Journolist members secretly colluded to discredit and ignore stories that had the potential to harm Barack Obama’s bid for the White House. Founded in February 2007 by the Washington Post’s liberal blogger/columnist Ezra Klein, Journolist was an online listserve consisting of some 400 self-described liberals mostly journalists, but also some professors and political activists. Journolist functioned essentially as a secret society of email communications, where members could compare sources, share information, discuss their thoughts on current events, and coordinate the way they reported on certain stories all off the record. Conservatives were barred from joining the group. Now the media is colluding to discredit and ignore stories that have the potential to harm Hitlery Clinton’s bid for the White House, all the while demonizing Donald Trump…. the liberal media can’t stand the fact Trump won the GOP primary fair & square… the liberal media thinks they have a right to lie and supervise formation of public opinion with propaganda

  2. Thanks Live Free! There’s lots of enemies but now its
    the America First Patriots in the Pentagon working with
    the President vs the globalist one world government traitors in the intelligence agencies and the controlled mainstream/lamestream fake news media.

  3. oh really: Just who is blaming the media for Trump’s mouth? Perhaps not elegant, but the man speaks the truth as he sees it.
    As for the media giving him a pass for poor judgement and character, again, another false premise. Just look at the pass the media gave President Obama for his lies about health care savings, Benghazi, employment statistics, etc. Why the double standard?
    But alas, Trump will not need a “pass” as he is perfectly capable of taking on a army of hostile establishment press whose credibility was squandered to the point of no return decades ago. More importantly, Trump’s savvy has him finding alternate means to connect with Americans. The media has become, the result of their own doing, simply a playful distraction from Trump doing the serious work of making our country great again.

  4. Part of the problem here, OH REALLY, is us mortals are
    having a hard time comprehending and thinking at your
    incredible level of genius. Hopefully in the future you
    will be able to ‘tone it down’ a little bit so we may
    truly see your incredible level of intellect and global
    awareness/knowledge! May we see you at the Not My
    President Rally? Perhaps we could throw down a few shots and a cold brewski? Or if you would rather not
    have a few drinks, maybe we could go to the shooting range together!

  5. All I know is that weeks after Obama’s 1st election, the Chicago Tribune ran a “news” story saying that Obama’s daughters were going to Sidwell Friends school in NW DC and that “it was not an elite school.”
    They injected that into a news story w/ a straight face.
    Well I once lived 2 blocks from there and walked my dog near there and I know – that school had clay tennis courts and cost around $20k for middle school and $40k per year, for High School.
    Tribune liars? Do you think?
    And I once asked a Tribune suburban reporter as to what was the immigration status of a violent Latino immigrant criminal arrestee on whom they reported.
    And she responded, “Why do you want to know?”
    And when 2 of Obama’s “children” illegal immigrants escaped from their resettlement center at Maryville in DesPlaines and carjacked a woman and beat up and robbed an elderly man – the Daily Herald reported on it. And the PC Chicago Tribune failed to report the story.
    Oh, yes – the Chicago Tribune – totally fake, utterly biased leftist news.
    Cancel your subscription and avoid their website.

  6. I don’t think you remember correctly the content of the Tribune article about the Sidwell Friends School and how the term “elite” was used. I quickly searched the Trib archives and found the article to which you refer; it can be viewed in its entirety here. The paragraph describing the school states:
    “The Quaker-run Sidwell long has been the school of choice for Beltway insiders — Chelsea Clinton and the Nixon sisters are among famous alumni — but it has never been an elitist institution. Experts predict the Obama girls will find comfort in its diverse student population and informal teaching style.”
    As you can see the term “elitist,” and not “elite” is used and those two words are quite different. The article doesn’t deny that it is very expensive or prestigious school; in fact, other Tribune articles about Sidwell Friends do use the terms “elite” and “prestigious” to describe the school and even state the annual cost to attend the school. But saying it is not an “elitist institution” implies that the school isn’t snobbish or teaches their students that they are intellectually superior to students who attend other schools. A mother of a former student is quoted in the article as saying that the school’s “… emphasis is on good citizenship and being a good student.” The school day even begins with a period of silence; so how can a good God-fearing religious conservative not like that?
    Say what you will about Obama’s sense of himself, but no one can say that Trump is not an “elitist” based on his public comments. Everything he does (or will do) is the best or the greatest (or YUGE), he knows “more than the generals” about ISIS, he is the “least anti-semitic person you have ever seen in your entire life,” etc., etc., etc. Statements like that are definitely a sign of an elitist!!!

  7. It’s a fact that a healthy democracy depends on having an honest, impartial media.
    It’s a fact that we don’t have that, considering that only 7% of journalists are conservative.
    It’s a fact that a biased media that reports fabricated and misleading news is a threat to our democracy and an enemy of the American people.