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Wheaton Middle School staff meet students with pro-refugee signs



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WHEATON – Wheaton Illinois' James Howard Monroe Middle School says it is "inspiring in everyone a passion to excel," but parents were stunned to learn this morning that staff members met students with signs inspiring passions to react against the Trump Administration's effort to protect American citizens. 

"We are not afraid," signs held by staff members at the school's entrance said Wednesday morning, and publicized the website, "WeWelcomerefugees.com,"  while others said "You all are welcome here."

"Your voice is direly needed in this defining, historic moment, to be part of a coalition of the faith community who are compelled to be the voice of Christ, and show support for refugees, immigrants and minorities who now fear how potential political changes may significantly, and detrimentally, upend their whole world,"  the site the signs referenced says.

The comments on the signs are similar to those that rose up over the weekend in protest of the Trump Administration, which placed a temporary travel ban on certain immigrants and refugees hoping to find solace in America. The Trump Administration clamped down on travelers from seven countries where terrorists are reportedly being cultivated and trained for destruction to Western Civilization. 

Bryan Buck, the school's principal, emailed parents Wednesday morning that having taxpayer-funded school staff meeting 6th, 7th and 8th grade students with those signs "could be perceived as political activity." No apology was issued, only explanation and defense for the staff members:

Monroe Parents,

This morning as students were entering the building, there were several school staff members holding signage reading, “We are not afraid, wewelcomerefugees.com” and “You are all welcome here.” The intent behind this demonstration was to make sure that all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or language, are welcome at our schools.

I understand that this situation could be perceived as political activity. Please know that the true the intent was to show openness and support for all our students. Our school district and community represent an amazing cross-section of the world, and we strive to ensure that each student is included and has a place to learn, develop and succeed in our schools. Thank you again for your continued commitment and support of one another and our school.

Bryan Buck, Principal

The website the signs promoted is sponsored by the following organizations: 

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  1. Too many of today’s teachers display a profound ignorance about how the REAL world operates, and they pass that ignorance along to vulnerable children who lap it up. Hey teachers: DO SOME RESEARCH! Look more deeply into some of the organizations who sponsor that website. They don’t want their “immigrant gravy train” to dry up! For example, World Relief gets MILLION$ of taxpayer dollars for the racket they have going in “assisting” (more like trafficking) immigrants. It’s all about money to many of those organizations. Get a clue and stop brainwashing the nation’s children.

  2. I’m in this district, with friends whose children attend this school. One friend just called he talked to the principal, one sign said “Welcome”, another went to her car and brought in a political sign (not approved). Just a handful of teachers So the incident is not that big a deal, but… it does show teachers who are political. and parents need to pay attention!

  3. Carol, many teachers are ignorant of the “real world,” because they don’t live their daily lives in it, and if they went from high-school to college, and (maybe) to grad school, THEY NEVER HAVE. They live in splendid isolation, in a protected environment.
    My wife was a teacher, in Wheaton, in fact, but at a different middle school. She grew up in a rural environment, one of hard work, and earned her way through college. Too many of her fellow teachers came from more privileged backgrounds and married into wealth. They did not need jobs as teachers, but took those jobs to “feel fulfilled,” psychologically and socially.
    I think this is what you are seeing here, in this case.

  4. I believe you are being Pollyanish. The leftistteacher’s union infiltration of curriculum and their attempts to indoctrinate young children is very seious – and very dangerous. Hinsdale suspended a student for wearing a fishing and gun club T-shirt. Wheaton administrators have called in the police on 8th graders for minor infractions.
    These indoctrination centers need a thorough personnel cleansing – and if a cutoff in federal funds is necessary to accomplish that, so be it.

  5. I am in the picture that the Illinois Review posted on this page because I am a member of the staff. The picture was taken at the beginning of the school year when many members of the staff were welcoming all students to the beginning of a new school year.
    I do not wish to be associated with the event of the other day by those who would view this picture. The number of the staff involved in the event described was very few. Please don’t see it as a reflection of our teachers’ common sentiments.
    Monroe is a great place to work for so many reasons!

  6. Bashing teachers? Aren’t they working for the taxpayers that pay their salaries? Shouldn’t the taxpayers’ views be respected?
    Fewer and fewer of those that bear the brunt of taxpayers are so eager to have more and more placed on their shoulders while they’re simply trying to pay their health care premiums, mortgages, college tuitions for their kids and rising, unbearable property taxes.
    It is unethical to use other people’s hard-earned money to indoctrinate the community’s children with a countering mindset. It is time the teachers recognized who their employers really are!

  7. It really annoys me when people, use a word or a phrase that is in the U.S. Constitution out of context.
    This week, it is the “no religious test” clause. I have heard people say that “no religious test” can be used against/for immigrants.
    The Constitution is so clear about what the “no religious test” clause actually means that it doesn’t need any further clarification.
    Article 6
    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

  8. Given the quotation presented in the 3rd paragraph, and the Principal’s support of this demonstration; it evokes my interest to know how much time within each school day is dedicated to the teaching then of biblical text, the strengthening of the Christian faith community, and in what manner Mr. Buck and his staff lead to strengthen the faith of children within their charge.

  9. My wife, and the janitor, were the only two personnel in her school driving ten-year-old Fords and Chevys. The rest of the parking area was filled with Audis, Mercedes, Buicks, Cadillacs, etc., none over two years old.
    We held off having a family until we bought our own home. By then we were both in our forties.
    You make choices in life. Paying off student loan debts BEFORE taking on home and children was ours. It was the SMART thing an “educated” person would do.
    So who’s the “IGNORANT” one NOW?

  10. WOW – $58 million in tax-payer funds to World Relief. And that does not count taxpayer funds to educate their children, or other social safety-net programs on top of that. Nobody minds helping a few people. But, when there are so many that they are changing our culture or that many of our own citizen’s are struggling… something needs to change. If we don’t take care of ourselves first, we will not be any good to anyone.

  11. The Wheaton community is entitled and deserves to know the names of the teachers who participated in this effort for several reasons:
    1. Without their names, the public may make assumptions about who did participate.
    2. Those who participated are government employees and therefore accountable to the public who pays their salaries. Teachers who engage in politics (or select inappropriate material for students to study) are rarely named publicly. That practice should stop. Leftist activists in public schools rely on anonymity outside the school and nearly absolute autonomy within.