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Academy Awards’ sensation “Gary from Chicago” had just been released from prison



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CHICAGO – Anyone watching the 89th annual Academy Awards pompous self-adulation ceremony last Sunday night will remember "Gary from Chicago" among a busload of surprised tourists that became a part of the annual show. 

Gary and his fiance, who actor Denzel Washington pretended to marry on the spot, have a history that is raising eyebrows.

Seems "Gary from Chicago" had been released from a California prison only two days before and was touring Hollywood with his fiance that he met in prison. 

Gary had served 20 years in prison for petty theft, his lawyer tweeted out. He had not been locked up for sexual assault as first reported, although reports say he is listed on California's sexual offender registry. 

Still, Tweeters loved "Gary from Chicago" and pictured him among other Chicago icons – Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, Chance the Rapper:

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