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Roskam on the Absurdity of Dems Arguing Against Obama’s Approach to Health Care




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  1. I’m a lifelong and proud Republican. I’m not particularly happy with the direction the party is going, but it’s still better than the Democrats. This guy isn’t my congressman so he doesn’t effect me directly. But, and I mean this sincerely, does anything he said make sense? I get that Dems don’t like the plan, but he’s angry at them for not supporting something but the video doesn’t talk about it exactly? I feel dumb, but I feel like I’m missing something. Needs more detail.

  2. I totally agree with Peter Roskam. We don’t need these lazy Americans from the College of Du Page, to work in our IT industries. They will want too much money, anyway.
    What we need are more South Asians from Pakistan and India, who will work for far less money, than these lazy Americans.
    So support Peter Roskam in his push for more H-1B visas for foreign immigrants to work in US IT jobs.
    And besides, this will make Peter Roskam’s Indo-Pak big dollar donors very happy, since it will be bringing in a lot of their Indian and Pakistani relatives to the Congressional district – and they will all vote for Peter Roskam, after they become citizens.