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100 Years of Communism’s Bloody Legacy




An epoch-defining tragedy began 100 years ago this month, but it remains unknown to many younger Americans. Marion Smith of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation writes:

“A recent study conducted by YouGov found only 33 percent of millennials are familiar with Lenin. Of those who are familiar, 25 percent view him favorably. The study also revealed, among other disturbing insights, that 32 percent of millennials believe more people were killed by the administration of George W. Bush than the regime of Joseph Stalin, which was responsible for no fewer than 15 million deaths.

“Influenced by educational and cultural systems hostile to free-market economics and willing to whitewash the human toll of Marxism, young Americans are increasingly turning to socialism and other forms of extremist ideology. In a 2016 poll by Harvard University, 33 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 said they supported socialism while 51 percent said they opposed capitalism. Alarming also are the findings that only 25 percent of millennials now believe that living in a democracy is essential, down from 75 percent for their grandparents’ generation.”

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  1. It’s a shame that every school requiring students read the Manifesto, doesn’t also require them to read the Black Book of Communism. Here’s one of the most concise damnations of communism you’ll ever see: Communism at ‘Peace'” http://communiststats.com/ ; And of course R.J. Rummel also puts it into perspective quickly and informatively: https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/COM.TAB1.GIF. I guess it comes down to those of us who lived through the cold war–we have to quit taking it for granted that the kids know what we know.

  2. Every leader of a Communist country is/was an atheist.
    Two atheists started the second world war. they are Adolf and Josef.
    Moral values are consider first. Communism is without morals.
    God Bless America
    Carl Lambrecht
    847 432 8255