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IL GOP releases new video attacking Speaker Madigan’s tax hike


SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Republican Party released the following digital video Friday, focusing on Speaker Madigan's 32% income tax hike.

And IL GOP Chairman Tim Schneider isn't happy with Republican members of the Illinois House that helped override Governor Rauner's budget veto. 

“I am extremely troubled by the decision of 10 Republicans to again stand with Mike Madigan. Republicans in Illinois fought Madigan’s machine in 2014 to elect Gov. Rauner and won. In 2016 we beat Madigan again and made historic gains in the House and the Senate," Schneider said in a statement.

"After all we have accomplished together, it is astonishing that these legislators would now turn their backs on taxpayers across the state. I am confident voters will hold those politicians accountable for choosing Mike Madigan over the people of Illinois.”


  1. Blame it all on Madigan when the “Republican” leader of the Illinois Senate proposed the same tax hike months before, the “Republican” leader of the Illinois House voted for Madigan’s first budget with a 5 billion dollar deficit and the “Republican” Governor didn’t hold back his veto until after spending a few million on phone calls and ads to reverse Republicans on a tax hike and uphold his veto. And all these people along with the Illinois “Republican” Chairman turned off the key independents and moderate Democrats by attacking Trump in 2016 as if the opposition was Thomas Jefferson. Get rid of the Republican incumbent in the primary unless you know for sure he/she is going to stop supporting this cabal of Diablos—Democrats in all but label only.

  2. Nancy Thorner has a good write up. I plan on voting for the primary opposition to Rauner. True, Rauner can win reelection since Democrats raised taxes, but guess what a conservative can win, too. Also, there’s no guarantee that Rauner would. Somebody New who’s Conservative is a stronger candidate.

  3. Have respect for dogs.
    All who voted for a tax increase need to be voted out of office. The 10 republicans and all of the democrats. My state representative Scott Drury voted also for the tax increase.
    A New York State Corporation called French (something)is except from paying real estate tax by law. Terry Link was the leader in this law.
    God Bless Illinois
    Carl Lambrecht

  4. Rauner wanted the same 32% income tax increase, and he just got it. As for his “reforms,” not one of them would have benefited the average citizen, except term limits (and you’ll notice he excluded the Governor’s office from his term limits demand). If any of you really believe that a pro-abortion pro-immigration RINO billionaire does ANYTHING out of his “love for Illinois,” I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that’s priced just for you…

  5. 1. A conservative can’t win. A conservative hasn’t won in Illinois since Fitzgerald in 1998.
    2. There are no strong conservatives in Illinois. None.
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I wish I had better news. Best to help conservatives in Indiana or Missouri or Wisconsin or Iowa.

  6. I agree with all of what you said but I would add that proposing term limits in Illinois is not a serious proposal. It is inconceivable that term limits could ever happen in Illinois. He may as well have proposed an income tax cut that never would happen. It was nothing more than red meat for fed up voters but not a serious proposal.

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