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Illinois taxpayers to see 32% hike. House overrides budget veto.



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SPRINGFIELD – With the help of 10 Republican House members, House Speaker Mike Madigan gathered 71 votes to override Governor Bruce Rauner's budget veto – and hike Illinois income taxpayers' bills by 32%. 

All the Leftists and Democrats are celebrating that Illinois has its first budget in two years – and here's how they're announcing it: 

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  1. SO without a budget you were willing to have Moody’s rate Illinois bonds as JUNK?
    The article following this one makes this clear.
    You realize the value of anything IL holds will be junked with no budget and things made even worse?
    Are you looking for a Federal takeover? Are you looking for your Republican governor to declare Illinois insolvent and bankrupt at the state level? really?
    Now THATS GOP branding.

  2. I pray it goes to junk bond ratings. I hope the state goes bankrupt and insolvent. I hope they can’t fix the roads or the schools or government buildings. My for sale sign is up in front of my house, I hope this state goes belly up, starting with those getting paychecks and handouts from the state.

  3. You’re a fool if you think Madigan’s budget is going to stop ILlinois bonds from being rated “junk.”
    Keep drinking the koolaid. Madigan needs more dupes like you to keep throwing money his way. You do realize, by the way, that the “budget” STILL spends more than it takes in? In other words, it hasn’t fixed a single thing. Business as usual in Illinois: rape the taxpayers while the state burns to the ground.
    I’m outta here as soon as I can swing it financially – easier said than done considering the crooks in Springfield keep reaching deeper and deeper into my pocket.

  4. No the irresponsible & incompetent Chitcago commiecrats caused that, not Rauner
    The federal govt has no authority to take over the state, you talk like that constitution moron Obama. AND states cannot declare bankruptcy.

  5. I recieeved an e-mail last night from someone looking for a REAL Republican candidate to replace Andersson of Geneva in the Illinois House.
    I’ll bet Fortner and Pritchard will also have opponents in the next GOP Primary.