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Manufacturers applaud Rauner’s rejection of Madigan’s tax hike




SCHAUMBURG, IL - The Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) is happy about Governor Rauner vetoing the permanent massive tax hike passed by Springfield – and they're very concerned about what Republican members of the Illinois House will do when they consider overriding the veto Thursday in Springfield. The Illinois Senate already overrode the veto with the help of one Republican – State Senator Dale Righter of Mattoon. 

"Knowing that [House Speaker] Mike Madigan would never compromise, we have been heading towards this 32% permanent tax hike for months. In exchange, those paying these taxes got absolutely nothing in return," said Dennis LaComb, Director of Government Relations for TMA.

"We are simply dumping more money into a bloated government bureaucracy, money taken from hard-working Illinoisans and job creators who would have used that money to support their families, send their children to school, hire more employees, and grow our economy."

After negotiating reforms for months, lawmakers scrapped all efforts at major reform and instead turned to their typical solution of taxing citizens and businesses more to paper over their inability to reign in the size of Illinois government. The tax increase (SB9) passed with bipartisan support, including 15 Republicans in the House and 1 Republican in the Senate who voted against their Party's principles and the needs of taxpayers and manufacturers in their districts.

LaComb concluded: "It's time these lawmakers grew a spine and refused to override Rauner's veto. This is the only way to force Democrats back to the negotiating table to secure much-needed structural reforms that support a manufacturing sector that is ready to thrive once again. Without these reforms, the exodus across state lines will intensify."


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