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Rauner hires Illinois Policy Institute COO to be his new COS



KristinaheadshotSPRINGFIELD – Evidently, Governor Rauner isn't happy with how his fight for pro-business reforms went down last week. Today, his office announced Illinois Policy Institute's COO and President Kristina Rasmussen to be Rauner's new chief of staff effective immediately.

“Kristina has worked tirelessly to defend taxpayers over the course of her career,” said Governor Rauner. “Her record of achievement speaks for itself, both nationally and right here in the Prairie State. 

“My vision has always been for an Illinois that is prosperous and compassionate, with a state government that serves the people, rather than the other way around. That’s Kristina’s vision too, and that’s why I have appointed her my next Chief of Staff.”

Rasmussen has been outspoken against any move to hike income taxes in Illinois, and especially the 32% income tax hike the budget that passed last week includes. 

In late June, Rasmussen wrote: 

The political calculation behind Gov. Bruce Rauner’s embrace of the tax hike budget plan backed by certain Republicans in the Illinois General Assembly would seem to be one of self-preservation. The benefit of appearing to back a solution – even one with over $5 billion in economically damaging tax hikes – might seem to outweigh the risk of standing firm on pro-taxpayer principle.

But new polling results show otherwise. Illinois Policy commissioned an overnight poll of 500 Illinois likely voters, which Fabrizio, Lee & Associates conducted on June 20. Pollsters asked Illinoisans whether they favor a budget with tax hikes and minimal reforms – a plan the governor has indicated he will support – or whether they favor a budget that balances through spending cuts with no tax hikes.

The rest of her report is HERE. Former COS Rich Goldberg is out as of today.

Before serving as The Institute's CEO, Rasmussen was director of government affairs for the National Taxpayers Union – a group that strongly opposes any tax hikes. She is a graduate of George Washington University and Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.


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  1. A fine choice but if it isn’t backed up with money for getting rid of the 10 tax hiking traitors and building the grass roots to take on Madigan’s army, then it will be hollow as well as almost too late. Rauner’s money has been controlled by the Kirk types like former chief of staff Rich Goldberg that have fought conservatives harder than they have fought Madigan. That must change if the Governor intends to win reelection. Right now the man they all loved to hate, Trump, has better approval numbers than Rauner in Illinois. Rauner hasn’t listened and responded to the Republican base like Trump has.