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Rauner promises to veto Madigan’s latest budget



SPRINGFIELD – Within minutes of 15 Republican House members voting to support House Speaker Mike Madigan's unbalanced budget and a revenue bill that would raise income taxes by $1000 for Illinois' average household, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner told taxpayers he would veto Madigan's plan if it passed the Senate and made it to his desk. 

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  1. Call me a pessimist but even if Rauner vetoes Madigan’s plan, the reality is that it is simply a “delaying action” and eventually it is going to pass. When the 15 “turncoat” members of the House get done playing musical chairs and doing the Super Bowl Shuffle, the fact is now obvious that Madigan can count on them to get his needed votes. And the football will once again get to be “spiked” across the end zone by the Emperor of Illinois.

  2. Did you notice that the Democrats have been so “responsible” that when more than a dozen Republicans voted to raise taxes, a dozen Democrats voted no? What kind of Republican votes for a tax increase that not every Democrat votes for? Either a dummy, or a George Ryan Republican. Primary them.