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Cook Co Commissioners file pop tax repeal after taxpayers revolt



Beverage Tax Repeal 012

CHICAGO – “To the residents and businesses of Cook County, we have heard you loud and clear and so today I have filed an ordinance to repeal the Cook County Sweetened Beverage Tax,” said GOP Commissioner Sean Morrison at a press conference held Wednesday at the Cook County Building. 

Indeed, a poll released Wednesday shows 87% of Cook County residents are upset about the new one cent per ounce sugary drink tax, making a 2 liter bottle of soda pop cost 68 cents more. 

Joining Commissioner Morrison as co-sponsors of the repeal ordinance are Commissioner Richard Boykin (D-1), Commissioner John A. Fritchey (D-12), Commissioner Timothy O. Schneider (R-15), and Commissioner Jeffrey R. Tobolski (D-16).

There was equal bi-partisan support opposing this tax last year, but the tax passed by a single vote and that tie-breaking vote was cast by President Preckwinkle herself.

“The Beverage Tax is an absolute disaster for Cook County. Residents and businesses are getting punished by it. After witnessing the tremendous fallout and public backlash, I believe there are some on the board who voted to support the tax that could re-consider their original vote and support this repeal,” said Commissioner Morrison.

Commissioner Morrison believes the Beverage Tax is the wrong remedy for Cook County’s fiscal issues. He added, “There are alternative means to address those fiscal issues and we plan to present those remedies to President Preckwinkle as she prepares her 2018 budget proposal.”

The repeal ordinance will be taken up by the Cook County Board on September 13.

"I call on all residents, businesses and municipal leaders to contact your Cook County Commissioner and encourage them to vote to repeal the Beverage Tax," Morrison said. He also strongly encourages taxpayers to attend the September 13 board meeting at the Cook County Building in downtown Chicago.

The Cook County Sweetened Beverage Tax has had a devastating impact on both Cook County residents and businesses since its enactment on August 2. The bipartisan coalition of commissioners sponsoring the repeal ordinance believes it’s in the best interest of the public and Cook County government to repeal this regressive tax.

The long-term damage caused by this tax to Cook County’s local economy and to its residents greatly outweigh the short-term fiscal benefit it will provide to the county budget.


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  1. prickwinkle needs to go. every year something is taxed and debt never reduced. we need to put a tracer on all the tax money to find out where it goes. reform county employees pensions. p/t aldermen shouldnt make 80-100k.

  2. Just give it a chance…I know you’re not planning to shut down the meeting. They may backed tax out of nsivete, and now have discovered their adult reasoning skills. I. I predicted ladt week this tax would collapse of its owm folly within 60 days.

  3. The same ones that voted against the soda tax are the same ones attempting to have this overturned… There hope is that they can get the ones who voted for the tax to back out… Don’t forget it was a tie and Prickwinkle was the tie breaker voting for the tax…

  4. Are you kidding me? You obviously didnt watch the furious fight launched by these Commissioners when the pop tax came up. I know for a fact Commissioner Morrison actually worked for weeks to oppose it, rallying Mayors, Chambers of Commerce and other elected officials. He notified his constituents months in advance. He went in very prepared. The final vote came down to an 8 to 8 vote with Preckwinkle breaking the tie. I watched this all happen through the online feed of live meetings. You obviously didnt pay any attention to this until after it passed. How sad for you to be so bitter.