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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Domestic Terrorists. We’ll call them what they are.



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"Domestic Terrorism – say it, say it," Leftists are demanding of conservative office holders from the White House to the State House, and conservative journalists. Twitter is full of vitriol this morning. 

Okay. Here's "domestic terrorists" as we see them. We're not afraid to say it, and we condemn all of them – and anyone else that attempts to kill innocent life like all three of these animals did. 


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  1. Yes Joanne – there are lots that they left out… The Muslims that shot up the Christmas party … the Muslim Boston Marathon bombers … the Beltway snipers … Unabomber … there are lots. They listed three.

  2. Actually Joanne, they are all leftists. The Unabomber is a poster child of leftist terrorists. The Muslim Boston Marathon bombers and are the left’s new preferred class of people. The white racist Beltway snipers were doing the work of your typical SJW. They were BLM before BLM. They are perfect examples of leftist terrorists.
    Meanwhile, a video of leftist snowflakes beating on this guy’s car before he took off pretty much confirms he was just trying to escape a crazed mob and not at all a “terrorist”.
    Wow you are stupid.