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Families whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants devastated by Rauner commitment to sanctuary law



Dennis McCann (r) was killed in Chicago in 2011 by an illegal alien now hiding in Mexico 

CHICAGO – Three men whose loved ones were killed by persons living illegally in Illinois have tried time and time again, but Governor Rauner refuses to speak with them about the sanctuary bill he reportedly promised immigration groups he would sign into law. 

The report by immigration groups saying Governor Rauner promised to sign SB 31 is "very disturbing to thousands of family members in the United States that mourn daily because their loved ones were killed by illegal aliens," one of the family members told Illinois Review Friday. 

Three Illinoisans – namely Eric Brady who lost his wife on New Years Day in Champaign County, Ray Tranchant from the Danville area, who lost his daughter and Brian McCann, whose brother from Chicago was killed by an illegal alien  driver – have made repeated requests to meet with the governor to no avail.

"All the killers were illegal aliens," Brian McCann told Illinois Review Friday. "The three of us have made repeated requests to meet with the governor to urge him to veto this dangerous measure.  We will meet with the governor downstate or upstate before the August 28th deadline for a veto," he said.

McCann said he's also trying to get a hold of Tim Schneider, the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party for assistance, but thus far he's received no response.

More from Brian McCann interview coming on Illinois Review…


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  1. Rauner is a political animal just like Rahm and all of the rest of them. Chicago and Illinois hold a huge block of minority votes so Rauner (and the Cook County Democrat Party) are afraid to upset the Hispanic voters. That is “the reality” of the situation.

  2. The Illinois GOP is being headed up by idiots.
    The fact that party chairman Schneider doesn’t care enough to reply to a matter as important as this is proof of it.
    A responsibility of state government is the safety of it’s CITIZENS, not to provide cover for illegals who sneak in here.
    If the Illinois Republican governor and the Democrat Party both prefer protecting and hiding illegals at the expense and safety of Illinois citizens, who do we turn to for justice, now?

  3. Brian McCann here and thanks for the supportive comments and IR for your support.
    Anyone interested to learn more there are four of us who are trying to make our case before the governor.I switched parties 12 years ago as did my deceased bother
    Dennis McCann and we both supported the Republican ticket locally and nationally. At the very least Rauner owes us a meeting.
    [email protected]

  4. This governor is not fit to hold public office. Federal Law is the Supreme Law of the Land in this situation. This moron mayor and his band of gang banger aldermen can not subvert federal law. They stand in breach of their oath to uphold the law and preserve the constitution. These feckless politicians need to be held accountable for their reckless disregard of the law which was made for the protection of American citzens, not criminal illegal aliens.